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  1. Default HELP!!! added bottled benificial bacteria to my tank and my fish turned red

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    I added microbe-lift nite out 2 to my tank and my fish (gold ram) turned red, red dorsal fin red line over its mouth its belly and sides started blushing pink
    im freaking out and so is my fish
    im doing water changes as we speak
    what is going on they said this stuff was harmless at the lfs!!!!!!!!!!!

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    please help

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    I'm not familiar with that product, but if your fish are reacting to it (and not something else) best to get it out of your tank. Complete a 75% water change, wait a hour, complete anotherone

    Don't forget your dechlorinator, and match the temp of the replacement water to the temp of the tank water
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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    that was too dramatic of a color change... I called the lfs they came me some tips, nothing worked still and my fish was reacting violently ramming the glass and swimming up and down trying to get out, had no choice but to remove it and put it in new water, the store will hold on to her while I figure this out.

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    I assume the point of what you added was to quickly cycle your tank?

    Agree with Cliff - hope you have completely replaced the water in your tank by now. If your fish is being held by the store, it might make sense for you to tell them you plan to cycle the tank 1st with pure ammonia and THEN add the fish to the tank - when the bacteria is all grown already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imma24 View Post
    I assume the point of what you added was to quickly cycle your tank?

    Agree with Cliff - hope you have completely replaced the water in your tank by now. If your fish is being held by the store, it might make sense for you to tell them you plan to cycle the tank 1st with pure ammonia and THEN add the fish to the tank - when the bacteria is all grown already.
    Agreed. I just want to add that rams do much better when you let your tank mature a few months before adding them. They are usually the last fish I will add to a tank to complete my stocking.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

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    the point is I was told bad info, I got my water tested, the person read it and said "Oh I see nitrates present, you can add fish now nitrates wont show up in a non cycled tank". I took that as the go ahead to finish up my tank and stock the fish I wanted, which was a gold ram, few weeks later I found out my filters were missing the bio filter, so I went and bought some bio sponges and some tests, did a test myself and saw ammonia. Apparently who ever tested my tank and told me it was cycled had no Idea what they were saying. That is when I called a lfs worker (who I actually trust), he said that you can cycle your tank in one day, he recommended I do this route since I already have the gold ram in the tank and that the gold ram shouldn't be in water that has any ammonia, he told me that it would be like a burning sensation on their skin and gills if there was any ammonia in the water. Unfortunately his store is across town so I decided to stop at petco to see if they had the stuff i need, the guy at petco handed me a bottle of microbe-lift nite out 11 and said it would work, I added the recommended amount and my fish flared up instantly, i immidiately knew something was wrong and started siphoning water out of the tank and replacing it, while doing this I called my guy at the lfs and he told me he had no clue what was wrong, that it most likely was a bad bottle, but even then he said if it was expired all it would be is ammonia rather than bacteria and ammonia shouldn't of caused that reaction. therefor not knowing what was wrong but knowing it happened right after using the product, the only option was to remove the fish because water changes weren't working fast enough. I didnt have anywhere to put the fish so he offered to watch it for me while I get my tank setup. Then he told me about how his store makes their own bottled bacteria for a somewhat similar reason, not trusting what is in other products or how they make them. he gave me some of his product for free and told me his product is safe to use while fish are in the tank, he uses it for all the tanks in his store including the gbr and gr, also said there is no way to overdose using it seeing as it is just BB ...god knows what was in the other stuff, could of been preservatives or something idek . Lastly he told me to remove all the water from my tank and start over using the stuff he gave me which I just finished doing . added some flaked food (1tsb) and now im waiting.
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    There are people who use bottled bacteria while cycling a tank with fish - however.....that stuff won't cycle your tank in 1 day. What cycles your tank is ammonia - the fish's ammonia is what is needed to start growing bacteria in your filter (if you are going to do this with a fish in the tank) and to feed the bacteria that grows so they multiply rapidly. Once the ammonia level in the water falls to 0, that means there is enough bacteria to totally "eat" the fish's ammonia (it's their food).

    The biofilter needs to go through the nitrogen cycle (cycling) - the end of the nitrogen cycle is a reading for nitrates - this reading needs to stay at a reading of 20ppm or less to be safe for fish.

    If you are cycling a tank with fish, your ammonia level should go no higher than .25ppm - any higher and you need to change your water - simple.

    If I were you, I wouldn't purchase any products recommended to you unless you post here and get advice. Pet store emplyees are generally there to sell you products and make money. WE don't make money off of you.

    What are you adding flake food for - are you doing a fishless cycle now?

    Edit: it's also in your best interest to get a master liquid test kit - do not rely upon them checking your water - they usually use strips which aren't reliable - but until that happens, you need to ask for the specific readings - let me tell you - how many people bring in water that has ammonia in it and the person says the water is fine.

    At my local store, I was told that ammonia up to a reading of 1.0ppm was fine - while cycling that is dangerous.
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    Well live and learn. Sorry to hear of your fish and hope it makes it through. The only way to cycle a tank in a day is to move a fully cycled filter from an existing tank to the new tank. Bottled bacteria is questionable and why not many here recommend using it. Even moving a filter over does not mean you can go crazy with stocking your tank as it won't be mature. A cycled tank is not necessarily a mature tank. A mature tank is one that has been up and running (cycled) for several months and has grown all the different bacteria and biofilm in the tank itself that makes it stable. I suggest you stop trying to find a cycle from a bottle and continue with the tried and true method of adding an ammonia source and waiting it out.
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    the store across town is holding my fish, the store with the guy who actually knows what he is doing, it is called reef connections. petco is where I got my first water test, the bad info about my tank already being cycled, and the bottle of bacteria that almost killed my fish.

    i feel like there is a misunderstanding here, what I bought was supposed to be already cultivated bacteria that you add to your tank, and within a day it seeds to surface areas, rather than growing the bacteria yourself which is what I was told takes a month.

    so, recap
    right now reef connections is holding my fish, and I added their own brew of established bacteria to my tank AFTER removing all the previous water. his instructions were to get enough tank water (de-chlorinated) to submerge the bio sponges, add the bacteria and sponges to the water, let them sit for 20 mins, then dump the water into the tank and add the sponges to the filters and turn them on, then add flake food and it will raise the ammonia within a day which will feed the bacteria, the ammonia then lowers slowly to 0 a few days after
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