Albino Is Eating Again !!

He had his first regular meal yesterday since 2 weeks.

3 nights ago I started Clout treatment. The effects were almost instant. With in 3 hours after first dose he swam to the surface looking for food. I gave him a pellet of his old food, just for testing. He ate it...chewed on it for a bit...and spat it out, but within a couple minutes he swam back to it and finished it up. He then swam around aggressively like it hurt to eat or something like that. I gave him the second round of Clout Thursday night.

Last night he ate his normal amount and didnt spit it out.

Today I did a big water change and put the carbon filter back in.

He looks pretty good...although skinnier.

I'm not exactly sure what was wrong with him given him and his water et all are well looked after and I'm not entirely sure what made him better.
...was it the Maracyn2 treatment which lasted for 5 days?
...or was it the Clout treatment which was for 2 days?
...or was it a combination of both of them?

....or was nothing actually wrong with him....except that he was just pissed at me for changing his food up in the first place, three weeks ago and he just got over his grudge.

Regardless....hes swimming around like before, moving his pebbles around like before, generally seeming to be acting like he was before....and enjoying his old he was before.

Much thanks.