Howdy ! Well, it seems like my albino cichlid has gone on a hunger strike....out of spite. No, really...he stopped eating because I gave him some different food. Story goes like this. Back on 10/24 I had run out of his usual food (Hikari Sinking Cichlid Gold) and so I went to the pet store..and they were out of stock. The fish guy went on and on about this other brand (New Life Spectrum Thera +A ) and if I didnt get something then the fish wouldnt have had food in two days so I got it. Went home, put some in the swam over, gulped it up...and BAM...instant reaction...Spit it out. Swam around ...gulped it up again...and spit it out again. And that's the way it went for 4 or 5 days. I was hoping he'd get used to it, but he didnt. By the 6th day I went to the store again..but was only able to get him the floating version of his food. He ate a little bite of that...and spit it out. This past Saturday I was finally able to get him his old food...but he just let the pellets float down next to him and sit there. Hes just not interested in eating anymore. So...counting Saturday..this is the 5th day he hasn't eaten.

Right before the new food he was fine as far as I could tell. Externally he looks fine. Nothing growing on him or nothing like that. His fins look great. He looks to be perfectly healthy.

Sunday I put in a new filter and have been doing 25 percent water changes since.

Last night he was out of his house and swimming around slowly from time to time. Even coming to the front of the tank and watching me, usual stuff like that...its just I dropped a pellet into the tank...and he didnt care.

Tonight...he's been staying in his house only coming out once or twice....but for some strange reason...goes back into his house if I open the tank lid...where as before he would come out to the glass with his nose if I put my finger to the glass. Not sure whats up with that, either. What's also strange is something I noticed last night. I turned the light off...and he came out of his house and livened up. I just did it right now...and he came right out to the front of the tank....looked around and went back in. Now he came back out again and is staying out. Could the light be bothering him?

Anyway....I'm hesitant to medicate just for the sake of he's not acting normal and also he's not exhibiting any signs of internal or external disease...meaning he's not Flashing about or stuff like that.

So does any one have any ideas about whats going on and how I can help him. Obviously somethings gotta be done pretty quick. He hasn't eaten normally in days.

Much thanks