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  1. Angry German Blue Ram Aggression Issues

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    So despite being in the hobby for quite a while I've managed to avoid keeping cichlid's until just now. Last week I saw a pair of GBR (German Blue Rams) at my LFS and couldn't resist.

    I've added the male/female pair to my 43 gallon that's quite well established. The water quality is flawless and it is a community tank with 10 Neon Tetras, 5 Red Minor Tetra, 4 Peppered Cory, and 2 Oto cats.

    The issue that I'm having is that the male has become extremely aggressive. They've only been in a few days but there are PLENTY of caves (non of which they are inhabiting which is worrying as well) and it's a very densely planted aquarium. I've also made sure they got food during feeding times since they feed so much slower than the other fish. So I'm just not sure why the male has become so aggressive.

    The female is perfectly fine and normal. Interacts with the other fish just fine. The male has gotten progressively worse though, he now even chases off the Cory cats from his side of the tank.

    Is there anything I can do to calm down the little fellow? I've always heard GBR are extremely good in community tanks.

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    GBR's really don't need / like caves (from my experience), but give it some time. He is just staking his territory out and you should be fine. I don't see any conflicts with the GBRs in your current stock

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    Pretty normal I think. He will likely calm down once territory has been established. Dont see issues with your other fish like Hardy pointed out.
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    I agree with previous members. Cichlids after all are just that--cichlids. Males are territorial. However, this can be signs of trouble.

    Is this a bonded pair, or just a male and female from the tank?

    And I see another pending issue, the "red minor" tetra. This is Hyphessobrycon eques, also called the Serpae Tetra, and a known fin nipper. It should be in a larger group, no less than 8 though many suggest 10+. And be careful with the rams here; the tetra is prone to fin nip sedate fish, such as the rams. I personally would suggest removing this tetra. A better tankmate all around, with the similar reddish colouration, would be the Rosy Tetra or Roberti Tetra, in a group of 7.


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    First off let me just say thank you for all your replies.

    They are not a bonded pair. They are so young that I'm not sure they are sexually mature. I am told they are a little less than 2 months old. Their color seems to verify this as does my research on what they should look like at this age. However, I can't seem to find any specific time frames for them to mature (I've found people saying anything from 2 and a half months to 5 months). So I'm not sure when the bonding process will occur...if ever...for these particular fish.

    I realize that getting a bonded pair would have been better. But none had bonded by the time I rolled into my LFS.

    As for the Red Minor's...I'm aware of their fin nippery (Nippery should be a word -- though it is not). This particular group was a "rescue" from a neighbors 5 gallon tank (the tank was waaaaay overloaded).

    I've been negligent in getting them tank mates. You're right, they need a bigger group.

    These five have been very passive though and I've seen no fin nipping from them. I may have gotten lucky with their personality.

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    I've no idea as to the age at which the fish become mature or sexually active, but I would suggest that the actions of your one fish, the male, would suggest he is. The second fish might be another male, which will certainly not last long from your description of what is happening now, or it may be a female who is not welcomed by the male (in which case she too is in for a rough ride and quite possibly death). The best way to get a pair is either to observe them in the store tank (bonded pairs are easily recognizable) or acquire a small group and allow a pair to (hopefully) form.

    As for the Serpae, this does happen. But as others on here have said, things can suddenly change. I just don't like putting my fish at risk, so I tend to assume the normal rather than hope for the abnormal. The irritation to other fish caused by any bully in a closed aquarium is very substantial, and this weakens the fish.


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    Just thought I'd give an update. The male ram has calmed down dramatically and has now begun to hang out with the female. No more aggression, no more territorial nature for the moment (No more territorial than is typical that is).

    The Serpae Tetras have been moved to another tank and I've increased their school size to 10.

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    Excellent. Sounds like things are going well now.

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