So despite being in the hobby for quite a while I've managed to avoid keeping cichlid's until just now. Last week I saw a pair of GBR (German Blue Rams) at my LFS and couldn't resist.

I've added the male/female pair to my 43 gallon that's quite well established. The water quality is flawless and it is a community tank with 10 Neon Tetras, 5 Red Minor Tetra, 4 Peppered Cory, and 2 Oto cats.

The issue that I'm having is that the male has become extremely aggressive. They've only been in a few days but there are PLENTY of caves (non of which they are inhabiting which is worrying as well) and it's a very densely planted aquarium. I've also made sure they got food during feeding times since they feed so much slower than the other fish. So I'm just not sure why the male has become so aggressive.

The female is perfectly fine and normal. Interacts with the other fish just fine. The male has gotten progressively worse though, he now even chases off the Cory cats from his side of the tank.

Is there anything I can do to calm down the little fellow? I've always heard GBR are extremely good in community tanks.