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  1. Default Will these plants work in a 55 gal

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    Ok with the rocks and now new driftwood in my tank the fake plants need to go. So I'm wondering if these plant will work in my 55 gal tank. Tank is 48"long x 12 1/2" wide x 21" tall
    With gravel bottom.

    The light I have is a single All glass aquarium lamp 32w
    Java Fern
    Anacharis ( Brazillian waterweed)
    Anubias nana
    water sprite
    Frog bit for floating plant.

    If these will work in my tank how many should I start out with each and what to use for fertilizer?

    Thanks Dean.

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    Those are pretty much all basic plants. Don't think you should have any issues. The anubias and java fern need to be tied to driftwood or rocks (not buried in the substrate)

  3. Default

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    What do you use to tie them to the drift wood and how?

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    Fishing line works great, just loop it over the rhizome and around the DW, then tie it off....BTW, if you want the java fern to look "planted" in the substrate, just tie it to a small flat pebble or stone. then push the stone down into the don't want to bury the rhizome, it needs to be above the surface of the substrate, buried may cause the plant to rot
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    The one issue I see is the Water Sprite. There are two or perhaps three common species, Ceratopteris cornuta which always grows best floating (and in my humble opinion is the finest floating plant), and the other two which are best planted in the substrate. The leaves, or more correctly fronds, since this is a true fern, can be somewhat variable in shape due to light, nutrients and water parameters. This makes identification of this species difficult, and it is often encountered in the literature under the names Ceratopteris pteridioides and C. thalictroides, although both these are distinct species. C. pteridioides has blunt-lobed fronds (leaves), while C. thalictroides has fronds that are deeply pinate with tips more slender than the subject species.

    Being a very fast growing plant, it needs good light, and this is where I come to the issue here, but first a quick comment on Frogbit. If you do get the floating Water Sprite, i would not have Frogbit too. Not that they don't live side by side, they do in my 70g, but both are fast growing plants and either can completely cover the surface in a week or two. I am chucking out plantlets every water change, which is fine too, but just wanted you to know.

    Now to the light. The single Aqueon tube will be low light. I know these tubes, as they came with my several All Glass fixtures and my Aqueon fixture [I believe Aqueon now runs All Glass] and they went straight into the recycling. Your 55g is presumably 4 feet in length, and the fluorescent tube is presumably 4 feet itself. This will provide moderate light but only with a good quality tube. For single-tube tanks, I recommend either a Life-Glo or a ZooMed UltraSun. The Life-Glo is 6700K, the UltraSun is 6500K, and this is the best plant light you can get. This will allow you opportunity for a few other plants that would be nice in your tank, like Amazon Swords. Another option is the less expensive tubes from hardware-type stores; I have or have used GE Daylight, Phillips and Sylvania, the ones with 6500K. I've not tried one of these alone, as my 4-foot tanks all have dual tube fixtures, but I would expect a sufficient light from them on their own.


  6. Default

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    Thanks on the info everyone! I'll have to go back to the web page I was looking at the water sprite but I think the one I was looking at could be planted. That why I was going to use frog bit for a floating plant.

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    O yeah what about fertilizer with my fish? I have been doing a lot of reading here but I just want to make sure I'm picking the right stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freashfish View Post
    O yeah what about fertilizer with my fish? I have been doing a lot of reading here but I just want to make sure I'm picking the right stuff.
    My apology, I missed this earlier after you did ask initially.

    Plant nutrients occur from two natural sources, namely water changes (the "hard" minerals) and fish foods. It is sometimes possible for these to be sufficient, but in most cases adding some supplement is advisable to ensure everything is being supplied. And the softer your source water, the more important this becomes.

    All plants can manage with a complete liquid fertilizer. Obviously floating plants and those not planted in the substrate will take up all nutrients directly from the water, but even substrate plants depend upon this, since nutrients in the substrate can only get into the plant roots via water. Some nutrients are only taken up via the leaves, others by both leaves and roots.

    I use Seachem's Flourish Comprehensive Supplement once a week; it is concentrated and complete. Another identical product is FlorinMulti by Brightwell Aquatics. It takes very little, in your 55g it would be 1 teaspoon once a week, at most twice a week.

    Substrate fertilization via products like Seachem's Flourish Tabs is good for the large swords, aponogeton, tiger lotus. This does improve their growth. But plants in the water like floating, stem and Anubias will not benefit from this.


  9. Default

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    Cool! Thanks Byron that's the info I was looking for.
    Thanks again Dean.

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