I may be consolidating a couple of tanks and changing over my 40B to a chichlid tank. The tank's in my living room and I'm looking for an active tank with some nice color. I don't have the time or patience to jump back into marine setups. To date, I have the tank, Eheim 2217, African cichlid sand, and about 30lbs of Texas holey rock ready to go. Once I clear out the current planted tank of inhabitants, I need to figure out the livestock!
I'd prefer to add all the stock at once (hoping to max out my nitrifying bacteria using ammonia as I switch over to the cichlid setup, Eheim canister filter is already cycled and in use on a 55 gallon tank, I'll just move it over

- I want to overstock to spread out the aggression and maximize visual appeal (I can add more filtration if needed)
- I want the brightest colors and variations on colors (don't want all yellow or all blue fish)

ok - suggest! How many fish and what species?