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  1. Default Population suggestions?

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    Hi all,

    I just started out a my new aquarium, a 102 Liter Aquael (about 27 Gallons i think). It has an external (i would say) filter built into the lid with 3 baskets of filtering material, Lightinig 2 x 24 W T5.

    I planted 7 species of plants:

    - Hygrophila Siamensis 53B
    - Hygrophila Difformis
    - Hygropila polysperma Rosanervig
    - Bacopa Compact
    - Bacopa Caroliniana
    - Cardamine lyrata
    - Alternanthera Reineckii Roseafolia

    Currently i`m waiting for the tank to get the Nitrogen cycle going for 3-4 weeks (i`m not using any solution treatments, waiting for the cicle to get going naturally).
    Now i`m thinking about the population. I will get 3 otocinclus for algae eating duties and I would like some larger fish (2-3) together with a school of smaller fish.

    what do you suggest?

    Thanks (sorry for bad english, it is not my native language).


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    Your cycle will not happen without an ammonia source. You can read about that in the following link:

    Do you know the ph and hardness of your water? This is important in order to make the correct fish suggestions.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

    "Keeping fish for any period of time doesn't make you experienced if you're doing it wrong. What does, is acknowledging those mistakes and learning from them." ~Aeonflame
    your argument is invalid." ~Mommy1

  3. Default

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    I do put in 2-3 flakes per day in the tank, (fish food) to get the things started. Also dead leaves from my plants will help out also (I saw there are quite a few cought in the sponges of the filter).

    No, I do not have PH or KH tests yet. Planning to get them in the future.

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    As you have live plants, and some fast growers (the stem plants), once they are growing I would add the first few fish. If you do this slowly, the plants take up most of the ammonia from the fish, and while the nitrification cycle does establish it will be undetectable to you (or the fish, even more important). Once we know the fish you intend, we could suggest the first species and building slowly from there.

    The GH (hardness) is important for fish, and the pH also though perhaps less. Can you get these for your tap water from the local water supply people? A test kit for pH is good to have, as changes in pH can foretell problems. GH is usually not necessary once you know the tap water GH, as it will remain fairly stable unless you deliberately attempt to change it which I wouldn't advise.


  5. Default

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    Tap water PH is 7.02, but I would say that the PH is towards acidic because i`m adding Co2 in the tank for the plants.
    Tap water GH is 2.14 (according to the provider`s website- i hope they are correct).

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    Quote Originally Posted by arathemis View Post
    Tap water PH is 7.02, but I would say that the PH is towards acidic because i`m adding Co2 in the tank for the plants.
    Tap water GH is 2.14 (according to the provider`s website- i hope they are correct).
    We should confirm the unit of measurement for the GH. Does it indicate this somewhere? Possibles are mg/l (milligrams per liter), ppm (parts per million), dGH (degrees), and some others.

  7. Default

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    Hi Byron. The unit of measurement for GH is G.

  8. #8


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    Most of continental Europe uses degrees German.

    This water, must be east Romania then. Suitable for most things south American and asian, quite nice really.

    I would advice a ph tester and at least a drop checker. water with little buffer and co2 you are going to see variations

    I'd hold on the ottos until there actuall is any algae otherwise they will starve. For a tank like this, a pair of apistos perhaps and a shoal of something, neons, cardinals, rummynose.

  9. Default

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    Hi, tallduchie, i`m planning to get the PH test in next weeks. I`m from western part of Romania actually :).

    So you suggest a pair of south american small cichlids and a school of something... I`ll look into it.

    Is the calculation on thise website accurate: ? Can i take into consideration the number of fishes that can live in my tank from this site, or would it be wrong?

  10. #10


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    It sounds like soft water. I thought the west got mountain water which was harder.

    Aquadvisor is OK for a general verdict. Personally I'd advice any newbie to go for 75% - 85% of what that site says and have a human check it.

    A school of something isn't that difficult, some small cichlids or gourami... ask around or check local adds to see if anyone in your area breeds them. If so make a deal. IT's likely going to be cheaper and they will already be used to your water.

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