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  1. Default 75 aggressive CA cichlid aquarium help

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    I have a salvini, a salvini/convict mix, and a vieja synspilum, all about 3-4 inches, with the vieja being about 2.5. Any ideas on how to curb aggression? any order I should add them to the tank? or dithers/target fish? thanks in advance

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    On curbing aggression, you really can't. The fish will (or should if healthy) behave as it is meant to, and for some cichlids this will cause problems unless the tank is very spacious and tankmates carefully chosen.

    Starting with the Convict: This species, Amatitlania nigrofasciata, is not a community fish. Best in a species tank; a pair may be kept in a 36-inch (40+ gallon) tank. In much larger tanks (over 6 feet) it may be kept with a few other Central American cichlids that are robust. This species is very aggressive and territorial, and when spawning becomes very violent to all other fish including much larger cichlids.

    The salvini, Nandopsis salvini, is much the same, perhaps worse. This fish gets larger, up to 8 inches, and your 75g would be sufficient for this species alone in a pair.

    The Vieja synspilum attains a foot (females), with males even larger. A 75g will suit one or a pair, nothing much else, according to the experts over at the cichlid site.


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    Your best options to quell aggression are to make sure the fish dont see each other. Large line of sight divisions and good hiding spots to recover.
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    could a vieja syns, jack dempsey, rainbow cichlid, female convict, and firemouth work? salvini was removed due to him being too aggressive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drose11111 View Post
    could a vieja syns, jack dempsey, rainbow cichlid, female convict, and firemouth work? salvini was removed due to him being too aggressive.
    No. I prevously said the Vieja would be it in a 75g, this fish gets over a foot in length and frankly this is really pushing things; I suspect most members will say this is too large for any tank under 5-6 feet.

    Jack Dempsey should be kept singly (in a 4-foot tank, just one of this species) or in a small group of 6+ which means a very large tank.

    Rainbow (Herotilapia multispinosa) can work in a community but not with other cichlids unless they are smaller and peaceful. More info here:

    I already commented on the Convict.

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    fish will be removed when they get too big.

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    With any of these species its really rolling the dice. Depending on individual temperament, you may end up with a bloodbath or only occasional aggression. One thing is for sure. The Vieja will end up dominating the tank.
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    Hmm seems so.... Would a convict,
    Jack Dempsey, and firemouth work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drose11111 View Post
    fish will be removed when they get too big.
    Please understand that I (and others) are trying to help you avoid mistakes which injure fish. Many of us have made such mistakes and lost fish, but there is no need for this if one understands the needs of individual fish.

    Removing fish when they get too big does not work; the damage to the fish is done by then. Fish have certain requirements from day one so that their individual traits and behaviours will develop properly, along with their physical size and internal organ development. Small spaces stress fish terribly, and stress is the major direct cause of 95% of all fish sickness, and inevitably leads to a shortened lifespan. There is just no way around this.

    When any fish is acquired, you should have the required tank set up that will serve it at maturity. Aside from the damage being done continually as the fish grows day by day, there are many reasons why our plans for larger tanks or re-homing the fish may not materialize. Fish are living creatures, and should be treated accordingly. The blue paragraph in my signature block says it all.


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    You are right, and fish returned to lfs. Will think more about future stocking thanks

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