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    Default My new Tiger Barb Tank

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    Just want to share my new Tiger Barb Tank. It's about 3 weeks old now. I used filter media and some water from my old tank to accelerate the cycle.
    I modified the filter section into a 4-stage trickle/overflow type and also changed the fluorescent lights to LED.

    Atman AR-F980 100x47x50 (Approx. 62 gallons)
    8 - Tiger Barbs
    7 - Green Tiger Barbs
    10 - Neon Tetra
    10 - Cardinal Tetra
    1 - Green Neon Tetra (someone got lost)
    2 - Assasin snails

    Plus some assorted plants (I haven't gotten the time to identify them yet.)

    Next week I plan to transfer my 6 kuhli loaches and 2 Black Ruby Barb from my old tank.

    Any comments and suggestions are most welcome.

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    Nice looking tank. If you are only using some seasoned filter media in your filter(s) then I would wait 3 weeks or so before adding more fish to allow your new media to seed properly. Stocking wise a 62G is a nice sized tank!! If it were me I would rehome your two Ruby barbs. My stocking (keeping with it being a barb tank) would be;

    8 tigers
    8 greens
    8 Gold/Albino tigers

    1 small - medium cichlid, perhaps a firemouth, blue or yellow acara, t-bar cichlid

    8 Khulis
    Upto 3 dwarf pleco species - Clown pleco, L262, Green tiger (forget the L-number the now)

    As greens, regular and albino barbs are only colour morphs of the same species they will swim together, I have had 1st hand experience with this. When they get a bit bigger they will probably get too boisterous for your neons and cardinals and perhaps out compete them for food. So keep an eye on that.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Still a work in progress.

    Actually, I was already thinking of not putting the Black Ruby barbs. In my old tank they were the boss despite their small numbers. All my other barbs are wary of them. But I really like how they look especially when they turn reddish.

    The gold/albino barbs I was already considering. I just wanted my filter to age a little bit more. I will follow your suggestion to wait another 3 weeks.

    Cichlid - I did look into them before cause I really wanted to add a couple of fish with standout colors. But somehow, the parameters doesn't seem to match.
    PH seems to be on the higher side. I will look again and check the names you mentioned.

    Pleco - not a fan of them. Had it before. They grow too fast for my liking and even the dwarf species will be bigger than my barbs.

    Instead of plecos, I was actually thinking about adding a couple of either Siamese algae eaters or otocinclus.

    Feeding- You're right about that. What I'm doing right now is use a feeding tray on one side of the tank and feed my barbs there. Once they are busy, I start feeding the tetras on the other side. Seems to work at the moment. Anyway, with all the plants in the tank, I don't think the tetras will die of hunger.

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    Nice tank!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
    Nice tank!

    Caught one sleeping last night.
    TB Sleeping.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by vader72 View Post

    Just want to share my new Tiger Barb Tank. It's about 3 weeks old now. I used filter media and some water from my old tank to accelerate the cycle.
    I only wanted to comment on what I put into bold - for the future - be aware that water does not have bacteria in it - your media is primarily what contains the bacteria. When setting up a tank, it's best to start with fresh dechlorinated water.

    Great looking tank btw!

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    Made a few updates.
    Added DIY skimmer.
    Added more plants.
    Did a little re-scaping to minimize the effects of disturbances on the gravel made by my pesky Tiger Barbs.
    Added my 4 Kuhli loaches (haven't caught the other 2 yet). This is to ensure excess food that falls on the gravel are taken care of.


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    very nice tank. make sure you check your ammonia, nitrites and nitrates for a few weeks to make sure you don't have a mini cycle resulting from adding the new fish.
    Great job on the scaping.

    I am curious. What's the skimmer for? Generally you see protein skimmers in salt water aquariums
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    A nice looking tank. Do your barbs not pick on the tetra?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~firefly~ View Post
    A nice looking tank. Do your barbs not pick on the tetra?
    I was thinking the same thing?
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