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Thread: New Hex set-up

  1. Default New Hex set-up

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    I am currently setting up a 27 gallon Hexagon. I am still trying to decide on species to include in this tank. I understand the lack of horizontal space limits my species list. I read another suggestion for a hex tank with tetras and Zebras, are there other fish that will be happy in this tank? I was hoping to have something like gourami or discus as a centerpiece. I am open to just about any suggestion, as the tank is holding water only right now and still does not have gravel in the bottom.

    Thank you,

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    Hmm, if I had a 27gal hex tank (as far as I can tell without seeing it) I would do a dwarf seahorse tank...just itching to do one, tho I understand it may be a bit of a stretch for someone relatively new to the hobby.

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    zebra danios are probably too active for a 27 hex. mine spend a lot of time randomly chasing each other around, and fully use my 65 gallon. I guess that they'd be even more active in an even larger tank.
    I would not keep a discus in a 27 gal hex either. they get too big and as far as I know should also be kept with conspecifics. there still are plenty of small fish that would work though. i'd estimate its floor space, find a "conventionally shaped" tank with a similar area and then stock as if you would be stocking that tank.

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    The footprint is 19-20" across in the three directions. Maybe 10-15 gallon size footprint?

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    I think gourami would be a great option, a long with a few schools of calm, non-nipping fish. You'd still have to select a species of gourami that won't get too huge, and generally avoid the neon blue dwarf variety for community tanks (they can carry a nasty virus). Even though they are fairly calm, gourami can get pretty territorial, so usually one male is a good place to start stocking. Live plants are also a major plus for gourami, are you considering planting the tank? This adds both an element of complexity and also stability to an established tank. Most people have trouble when they select plants that are not appropriate to the size or nutritional balance of the tank, but many plants can be kept with minimal technology and expense.

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    I have previous experience with plants...I didn't care for the snails that came with them. After that experience, I was hoping to avoid live plants. Having said that, this tank is very tall and seems like it would be great for some tall plants. The blue dwarf was a consideration of mine, glad to get the insight on the potential virus as I would like a community. Have been looking hard at danios and raspboros.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerileous View Post
    I think gourami would be a great option, a long with a few schools of calm, non-nipping fish.
    Uh...not with a footprint that small - I would stick with one school of fish that stay small - maybe. I think you need a few fish that don't need company and don't need tank length.

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    Do you have suggestions? It is starting to look like there are no fish I can keep. Perhaps just plants and snails?

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    There are fish you can keep. Actually I would do a corner rock work and set up something for fairy cichlids... or get a bunch of snail shells and make a barnical like stand for shellies...

    If you are intent on keeping plants then they need to be either super low light or you need to invest in led's and co2... The height of the tank limits light penatration.

    As for fish stock in a planted tank, you could do a ram and microrasbora, cherry barbs, dwarf pencilfish, killifish, african dwarf butterfly as a top dweller...

    you can also consider a reparium if you wanted and do fire belly toads or poison dart frogs... idk, just throwing ideas out here.

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    Thank you! I haven't thought about building a rock pile...that would be really neat

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