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Thread: Sick Betta?

  1. Default Sick Betta?

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    So I have started my female betta sorority tank, and so far so good! Everyone seems to be happy, healthy and thriving. However, one of the bettas I added today did not look her healthiest at the store. I looked her over for ich or any visible signs of illness, didn't see anything unusual. I figured maybe she just was having trouble surviving her her little bowl, scooped her up and took her home to hopefully help heal back to health. The other girls in the tank haven't given her any trouble. She just seems to float around, and when she swims it seems she's off-balance or something, like nose lower than her tail. She might be a little bloated looking as well. She did not eat anything (blood worms, betta bites, shrimp pellets) and just generally appears "sick." Is there anything you guys can think of that will make her feel better? Maybe I shouldn't have got her. If she's sick I don't want the whole tank to fall ill to whatever it could be. It's too late now, though, she's in the tank. What do you think it could be/what should I do? I don't want to take her back to the pet store because I feel like it's their fault she's unhealthy anyway - they'd probably just flush her or something. Thanks.

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    You might want to isolate her, that way you know fer sure no one is hassling her - and betta sororities do establish a pecking order so I almost guarantee at some point she will be pecked, and it also makes it easier to treat her - you can feed or medicate just the one fish and know she is getting the food/treatment, while the other fish are not being medicated when they don't need it.

    So what I would do would be to get her her own tank, with something to hide in if she wants, and feed her some pea. If she's bloated, a pea can help things move along again, and some fish really just love them, aside from any health benefits.

    If that fails, after about a week, then you can think about other treatments.

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    I'm so sorry your new female is sick. It's important to quarantine new fish for at least two weeks or more to make sure they don't give your other fish something when you add them. As Sheamurai said, you might want to isolate her. You can monitor her to see if she is pooping. If she's bloated and constipated try fasting her for 2 or 3 days then try feeding her some frozen daphnia. I hope this helps.
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    I ended up putting her into her betta cup I purchased her in (horrible, I know.) I'm just afraid that if she does have something the others could catch it too, and I seriously just began stocking this tank a few days ago after waiting for it to cycle. I'm not sure if I should get out my old one gallon/filter and try to treat her, OR return her to the store, OR (and this is my favorite option) Give her to one of the (actually intelligent fish hobbyists) I talk to that work at the tropical fish store I go to. I think I can find someone to take her in + heal her that is way more experienced than me. < I like the third option best. Thanks for your response! I'm such a worried/paniced fish mom right now |:

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    If you feel more comfortable giving her to someone who can treat her then maybe that's what you should do. Don't feel bad putting her back in her cup. She'll be fine for a day or two as long as the water is clean.
    Wondrous is our great blue ship that sails around the mighty sun and joy to everyone that rides along...
    IBC member

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