Hi, all. I have a large irrigation pond, 35' across, roughly 7' deep at its deepest point. Stocked with a half dozen large goldfish and assorted minnows who do just fine on their own--no supplemental feeding. Several factors combined this summer (aeration pump broke; unusually long, warm summer; increased use of fertilizers in the fields upstream; my not being around a whole lot to look after the thing) to create some truly awful Green Slime (slimus discusticus). Seriously, my usually-beautiful pond looks like a sewer pond.

With winter starting to come on, the water in the ditch is going to stop flowing soon, and the pond will freeze over. I am concerned that all this algae will then die and decompose, killing off the fish and leaving a smelly mess come spring time. So I could like to get rid of this stuff now, while there is still water flowing, to wash out the decomposition.

I have never used (or needed) chemical treatments before, and I'm wondering what is available and what experiences people have had. And yes, I know chemicals are a short-term solution and short of the ideal. Probably my only option at the moment, though, if it isn't already too late.

Thanks in advance.