Unless I can somehow find another source of tanks then anything over the 4ft 150G mentioned is simply not available. I could order an acrylic 6ft tank for around $800; or buy the complete 150G with quad T5s, decent wood cabinet, and glass tops for $650. Main reason why Im going with the 4fts...not to mention my "fish room" is also doubling as my home office and is only a 12x12 room.

Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! I am going with single species in attempt to minimize aggression between the fish...multiples would lead to the risk of a pair forming. I have also had considerable difficulty maintaining multiple Rotkeils even in a 72x20" tank, wouldnt try multiples of them at all in a 48". I may try the GT in tank 1 and see how it goes...I had hopes of having one SA and one CA tank. If things go sour I will switch them. I will also cut the pair of Firemouths down to only 1 pair or possibly just 2 males...really miss keeping them and would like to see them in one of my tanks again.