Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this.

I have a 16 gallon cycling currently. A few days ago, I added the gravel, decor/plants and water. I also put in water conditioner, the recommended amount of Safe Start, an algae wafer and a gallon of vacuumed out water from my other tank. This morning, a few days after starting this aquarium, I turned on the aquarium's light and I saw that the water is cloudy. I read that this sort of thing is "normal" and "good," that it's bacteria that is growing and will filter out in a few days turning my tank's water clear again. I read that that would be the "end of the cycle" once the water's levels read correctly and the water is clear again. Is this true, or is it just because of the algae wafer dissolving? I have no fish in there yet, so don't panic if the problem could kill my fish. If it is caused by the algae wafer, will this cloudy-ness filter out or will I have to do some water changes?