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  1. Default New Planted Fluval Edge - Need Some Advice...

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    I have a 12 gallon Fluval Edge aquarium (16.9" L X 10.25" D X 17.5" H). It has been up about 10 days.

    1. Lighting is as follows:

    (a) 39 LEDs - 7600K White 3 Blue LEDs. (Came with tank).
    (b) EcoPico LED Strip - 12,000K White.
    (c) EcoPico LED Strip - 12K White/453nm Blue.
    (d) EcoPico LED Strip - 6500K White / 8000K White.

    Currently on 15 hours a day.

    2. Temperature ay 76 degrees.

    3. Also using Fluval Mini CO2 - filling both chambers twice a day.

    4. Dosing with Seachem Flourish twice a week.

    5. PH at between 7.2 & 7.4.

    6. Planted with recommended starter plants:

    Several different Anubias.
    Java Fern.
    Oriental Sword.

    7. No fish added yet.

    I have several questions:

    1. How long should I have my LED's on each day?

    2. What is the best temperature to keep my tank at.

    3. Is my CO2 & Flourish dosing correct?

    4. Do I need to also Oxygenate the water (with an air pump)?

    5. I am having the follwing problems with my plants:

    (a) Java Fern - Black/Brown spots.
    (b) Anubias & Hygrophila - leaves getting light green and some translucent.
    (c) Oriental Sword - Leaves died within a week, leaving just stems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. I certainly would NOT go beyond 10 hours.
    2. That would depend on what livestock you manage to squeeze in. 24C does fit a lot of species.
    3. I'm not entirely familiar with that CO2 system but it seems like a lot. If you dose the recommended dose of flourish that seems ok.
    4. No, the filter should provide enough current. The more you stir water the more co2 you will lose.
    5. I am not surprised. You're providing extreme amounts of lights and CO2 and so your plants are burning up what little macro nutrients there are. Java fern and anubias are best tied to decor or planted shallow. The brown spots may well be potassium shortage, one of the three macro nutrients. Your hygro, a fast grower, is suffering from chlororosis it seems probably caused by a nitrate shortage. Oriental sword... common name for a species of cryptocorne? That may well be affected by the PH swings your co2 method probably causes. It could still recover.

    If you are UK based, this might be of interest as well:
    Last edited by talldutchie; 10-24-2013 at 06:33 AM.

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    Something else, why those 12000k lights?

  4. Default

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    Thanks for the reply. Have adjusted my lights; have ordered a C02 tester (and will back of CO2 until it arrives); have ordered the Flourish extra nutrients. So we shall see. As for the 12000K lights - I had them lying around, so thought I would use them.

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