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  1. #1

    Default YAY!! Got my new Parrots!! :D

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    At the cost of someone elses misfortune, I got my 2 new Blood Parrots! A guy at my local club had his 250g (which was 7 days old, and obviously not very well made) blow out all over his lounge floor so he had a heap of fish to rehome in a hurry, including 2 Blood Parrots. Managed to get both for $70, which is a steal considering I paid $80 for my original parrot. Yes fish prices in New Zealand are crazy.

    I was worried my original parrot wouldn't except them as he always beats up the severums and he's a bit bigger than them, and I hovered around the tank like an anxious mother for an hour after I introduced them. I was pleasantly surprised! The 3 have now become inseparable. Severums are still enemy number 1 though.

    Two new kids! They are just so cute. The one at the back had been pretty badly roughed up by a Lionhead Cichlid he had been keeping it with. I'm sure with clean water he'll heal up pretty quick.

    Here's the wounded fellow.

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    Wounded fellow again. I'm hoping his colour improves over time.

    Other guy.

    For good measure here's my original parrot. He wanted a photo too.

    Old parrot above trying to do... something. Shows off the size difference! They don't seem to mind though, they're getting along like a house on fire.

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    What pretty fish - thanks for posting! You are quite excited I see LOL

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    They sure are nice looking, glad you lucked into getting them at a decent price (for NZ, anyway)!
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  5. Default

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    So cool. Glad you found some. Two for 70 isnt that bad even compared to the states.

  6. #6


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    Haha very excited!! Been wanting to get buddies from my parrot for ages as they are quite social but the ones in shops were all either TINY (like less than 2 inches compared to my 5 inch guy) or super expensive -- the only reason I ever had an $80 parrot in the first place was because he was a gift from my boyfriend.

    Slaphppy don't even tell me how cheap they are where you come from!! I don't wanna know!!

    EDIT: Thanks LadyGodiva! That makes me feel way better. Maybe I finally got one up on you USA-ers and your CHEAP prices! If I ever hear any of you complaining about something aquarium related being expensive I will come over there and slap you with a fish!
    Last edited by Amelia; 07-26-2013 at 02:17 PM.

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    Slaphppy don't even tell me how cheap they are where you come from!! I don't wanna know!!
    Heck I wouldn't even know...those are an advanced species, I'm still just a nOObster, LOL...
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    Lovely fish. Glad your guy has some new friends!
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    Thanks guys! Update from last night... I'm 99% sure my original parrot and one of the new parrots have paired up. They've dug a big hole in the corner and are defending it from the severums and the other parrot.

    Kinda annoyed!! I just wanted them to all get along. Now the other poor little guy is being picked on.

  10. #10


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    Well, so what is the solution now? More parrots?
    At least you wont have to bother with fry. Males are supposedly infertile.

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