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    Oct 2012
    Northeast Pennsylvania

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    I disagree :D. Keep the journal going, I'm looking forward to seeing your new tank progress to a controlled jungle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudiJetson View Post
    I disagree :D. Keep the journal going, I'm looking forward to seeing your new tank progress to a controlled jungle!
    Awwwe bless you!
    Well I turned on a light for a quick mobile photo ... Most of the plants are salvaged from the old tank and pretty unhealthy, but with the new lights and new fertilisation routine we should hopefully be getting things right (maybe, at some point!). I also bought a cheap plant bag from the LFS. Most of these will probably not make it, but for now it helps me getting things established and it's survival of the fittest, right? So go for it, plants!

    The great news is SO FAR SO GOOD, all inhabitants have survived, are greedy, looking bright and active, the kuhlis are loving the extra floorspace and there are shrimp everywhere - more than I thought I had, hmmmmm ....

    Keeping water level low until the params are completely stable as helps me with the WC for now.

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    Three deaths today
    - two black neons (one missing, one found) and a large cherry shrimp.
    Testing water later on as worried we are seeing a mini cycle. Had hoped we'd got away with the sudden move, A bit gutted as haven't really lost any fish before, don't want to make it a habit!

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    Sorry for your loss, but it happens to all of us no matter how hard we try to give our fish the best environment possible..keep on top of those water parameters and PWC as necessary
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    Just finished an API liquid test and it seems the deaths might have to be unexplained.

    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 20

    Repeated it twice as was expecting bad news lol. Obviously am happy about this. Not sure why three individuals died in one day and I don't like it, but I suppose4d it could still be delayed shock of the move. I'd had the black tetras since September 2012 so to lose two at once was not nice :(

    Onwards, onwards with the tank!
    Plants started to settle in I think. Cherry shrimps are berried so obviously not feeling too rubbish :).

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    Hmm, maybe unexplainable after all...what type of water conditioner do you use?
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    I use Prime.
    The only other thing that goes in is ferts.
    But I have changed ferts recently - supposedly to a totally safe one made by a company that also breeds shrimps. But hmmmmm, that's the only chemicals in the tank.

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    Maybe the culprit, maybe not...temps are fine? hasn't changed drastically?
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    Sorry for the loss of your fish.

    Do a 50% PWC, which will get your nitrates to 10 ppm. When you do the PWC, I would raise your water level so it's above your spraybar and aim the spraybar up a bit so there are ripples across the water surface - the more ripples, the better. This breaks the surface tension and aerates/oxygenates the water (exchange of gases). The bubbles that are there now are not adding oxygen and are not creating enough surface tension.
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    Thanks for the tips.
    That spray bar was replaced by an underwater outlet pipe but the other one is as you describe (it's much lower down, under water level in that picture). Can't raise the level at the moment due to the floating plants, as the hood/lights is too close to the top of the tank. I hadn't realised this when I bought it, but don't want to kill all the plants. Will prob be eventually getting rid of the hood.

    So far I only use the oxygen "bubbles" at night and let the plants do their thing by day. On another forum I'm hearing I need more CO2 in the water if the plants are to do well. Such a minefield for me ...

    No Ph changes. It's always been very high in our area - but the neons had been living in it for years. Will continue keeping an eye. Temps around 25 degrees - goes up a bit when the lights are on (2x 3 hours at the moment, as recommended on plantedtank).

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