Following on from this thread: I have decided to keep a journal of progress. Hopefully this will motivate me.

The target: convince my husband I am able to maintain this tank (130L planted community tank) and thus be allowed to upgrade


1. gain control over algae, fix water parameters and learn about light/nutrient balance to achieve healthy plants.
2. make it all look nicer!

One thing at a time. I am a person who needs to understand what I am doing (and doing wrong). It is tempting to rip everything down and start anew, but I am going to do this as a top-down process.

Starting point 15th October:

New bulbs are on order, good fertiliser is on order, brain has started to become more engaged in the process.

19th October, I took advantage of some free time to do a 50% WC and tidy up. Rounded up the out of control weeds, though they are staying in the tank for now, disposed to the accused houseplant (!) and mowed the lawn. Did a big gravel vacuum along the back areas where I rarely go, about 20% of tank in depth vacuumed.

... and thus it starts!

All advice welcome -