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  1. Default Eheim 2217 - Setting Up - Possible missing part?

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    Hey guys,

    I bought a Eheim 2217 for my 55 gallon a few months ago and finally setting it up. I'm running into a problem and cannot find a good resource on the net to confirm the issue.

    I got everything setup for the most part and down to the part where I need to connect the hoses. My problem is that I believe I may be missing a part that connects two parts together, specifically the part that goes across with two suction cups and connects to the odd shaped pipe which goes outwards towards the eheim machine. The instruction manual sucks as it is in German and the english section is not entirely clear on all the parts I need.

    Please see attached pictures and if someone can confirm that would be great. (Pictures 3 and 4 is what I am referring to)

    I checked on the internet already and still having trouble confirming this one part that does the connecting between the two pieces.


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    If you are asking about how to connect the outflow(straight, rigid tube with holes down the side) to the weird looking rigid tube that looks like the tip of a shepherd's crook/staff, I believe you are supposed to cut a short length of the flexible green tubing to stick them together. That is at least how I did it.

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    ditto that. It looks like you have all the parts you need to get it just have a couple parts together wrong.

    Your connectors, end up in the middle of hose - they do not connect to any rigid parts. This allows you to disconnect the hoses and remove the filter for cleaning, but leaving the tubing and intake/spray bar in the tank, without spilling or siphoning out any water.

    The other parts, you can connect as you wish, depending on how you want the spray bar aligned. I did not use the shepherds crook part at all.

    You should have the cage part on the longest part of the J shaped peice. This puts your intake lower in the tank, unless you really do want it sucking in water at the top of the tank.

    I wanted my spray bar to be vertical in the tank, so I cut the shepherds crook part into another J peice, with a short peice of hose to put the spray bar on the long end, the crook over the tank edge to hose.

    so, you should have - filter, hose, connector, connector, hose, rigid peice, intake. Then on the other side - fitler, hose, rigid peice, hose, spray bar.

    You can manage the intake output however you want the flow in your tank to run, thats part of the beauty of canister filters.

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    Just in the interest of possibly saving you another post later - that style eheim can be a bit tricky to primed.

    When you are ready to run the filter - do NOT fill the filter with water first! It will prime much easier if you allow siphoning action to fill the filter. You will have to place the hoses as you want them, with the spray bar off. Then, you will want to siphon water into the filter by sucking on the output hose until the water starts to flow into the filter. Then, quickly attach the spray bar and put it under water in the tank - you can fiddle with the suction cups/placement after the filter is primed.

    Then you should be able to turn on the pump and have it work, tho, if there's any air bubbles in the works you may have to siphon from the output hose again.

    You only have to do this once - so long as you never remove water down below the level of your intake, the pump will stay primed even if you shut it off. And, when you clean the pump, merely opening the valves will fill the filter again as the siphon should auto start for you.

    I remember having the same problems when I got my first eheim, so frustrating! But they really are good filters, once you get it going you'll love how quiet it is.

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    Oh, another small tip - try to keep your connectors closer to the filter - when you remove your filter for cleaning you will be happy not to have lengths of hose wagging about when you're lugging the filter to the sink!

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    cut flex tube to length as needed and put strainer on other end with the suction cups. I think that may solve that part of the process . some pics after the change would help more. wrie back with that is if you only have 1 hose.
    Last edited by eltylT; 10-19-2013 at 10:03 PM. Reason: addition
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheamurai View Post
    so, you should have - filter, hose, connector, connector, hose, rigid peice, intake. Then on the other side - fitler, hose, rigid peice, hose, spray bar.
    There are 4 connector pieces I have. So two on one hose and two on the other side right? I know this contradicts what you said about the connectors not touching the rigid pieces, but what would I be doing with the other 2 pieces then?

  8. Default

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    Guys, I've figured out what I'm missing. I did some more searching online and see people with two smaller sections that goes from the filter, then connector, then hose. This makes sense with the above posters. Basically I have the two long hoses, one thicker than the other, but no (2) smaller pieces of the hoses. I'm assuming I need to just cut them off, but I do want to confirm with others that I am correct here?

    These are the parts I am referring to that I found on other sites:

    PIC01 - Source:
    PIC02 - Source:


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    Yes, you need at least 4 pieces of hose, and maybe five depending on how you want your spray bar placed.

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    You do need a small piece of hose to connect the taps, few inches is enough.

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