Second experiment.

I took a cup of green vegetables, in this case about a hand full of shelled peas, some broccoli, some courgette and some frozen spinach to that I added some left over coriander that had seen better days and a small pinch of paprika powder
Gently boiled this for 3-4 minutes and then blended it briefly into a thick paste. I then added 2 grams of agar powder (with this brand that's enough for half a liter of jam) and boiled for another 2 minutes. Took it of the heat and stirred in 2 tbsp of spirulina powder, a pinch of dried garlic and a few good pinches of normal tetra crisps.

This mixture was poured in a cling film lined tray. Let it cool a bit, let it set in the bridge. Cut in small pieces and freeze.

Just tried a piece and every vegetarian in the tank went absolutely nuts for it!