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  1. Default Mysterious Death, what is going on in my tank

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    Hey everyone :)

    So I'll start with whats been going on with my tank. I have a 70 litre aquarium (which i measured and worked out to be 70 litres lol) I cycled my tank using the fishless cycle. It took one month. When my tank was cycled, and the water parameters were safe, and 4ppm of ammonia could be converted to nitrate within 24 hours, I added my fish. My fish include 5 rummy nose tetra's (as one passed away today), 4 rainbowfish and 4 tiger barbs (yes I know I'm over stocked, my mum bought me the tiger barbs, and I can't return them to the local fish store, and nobody I know keeps fish). It's a planted aquarium, a large piece of driftwood in the centre, sand gravel, and some other plants. I have air stones for increased circulation, the filter also agitates the water, and a heater keeps a constant temperature, I have two thermometers in their, and both show that. I did have a betta fish once, It got fin rot and died within 48 hours, which was strange that it occurred so fast. One of the tiger barbs also got fin rot, and although my water param's are perfect 0,0,10, and i did constant water changes he died within 48 hours too. The speed of death, still to this day confuses me. So, I went to lfs (which is 1.5 hours drive from my house) and purchased melafix, and gave them a sample of my water to test, which further confirmed the params are fine. 2 months later, and everything has been fine, till two of my barbs got white spot. One of the barbs is quite aggressive, only to his own species, but has never nipped any fins, just chases them around. So, for a week, I kept the tank at 29 degrees and used api aquarium salt, alongside regular water changes, the water was kept at the same temp before it was added, but nothing prevailed, and ofc the water was dechlorinated beforehand) So I purchased protozin (as I am in the uk, available treatments are limited, and it is illegal to purchase and import medications into the Uk which aren't approved) This did not work (all the salt and chemical filtration was removed before the medication was added) so I hit the forum, and asked for advice, the common consensus was to raise the temperature to 30 degrees, the white spot fluctuated, between the two barbs, it appears one day, and goes the next, two weeks later, and one of the barbs still has it. Nobody else was ever effected. Thats when I noticed one of my rummy nose tetra's acting strangely. It was remaining in one spot, but had no difficulty swimming or feeding. He/She went opaque, but his fins/scales,colour was all intact, just a opaque colour, limited movement (not schooling with others), and perhaps a slight bloating of the stomach, but just as though it had just eaten. A few hours later after this behaviour, I found him lying on the sand bed, he'd passed away, as i took him out, i notices the back of his fins had frayed, this was not present hours earlier, I had checked this multiple times. The water params remain perfect. I am so confused as to why the white spot, only present in the most aggressive barb (which ironically is the smallest) still remains, how fin rot killed my previous fish within 48 hours, and what happened to my rummy nose tetra today? Can anyone offer me any advice? Thank you.

  2. Default

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    Fish can and do contract sicknesses and die from stress. The tiger barbs are your answer.
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  3. Default

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    Hmm I think I may be inclined to agree with you there... The trouble is, what do I do with the barb? Add more, reduce the tension? I will not euthanise a healthy fish, especially as I can't be sure this is in fact the problem. Thanks for responding.

  4. Default

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    this is an image of my rummy hours before he died :(

  5. #5


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    There is more important information here that I had from your PM, so thank you for starting a thread as I suggested. Now we can all work together to solve all this, hopefully.

    I would remove any Tiger Barb from this tank, whatever their condition. A 70 litre is just under 20 gallons, and that is not sufficient space for Tiger Barb at all. This species must have a larger group, some say 8 is minimum, but I go with those who suggest no less than 12. And that means at least a 30g tank, with only the TB in it. In smaller numbers, this fish is going to be continually trouble, and I agree with nickelodeon that these TB may well be the root of all this trouble. Enough said on that.

    The ich is being managed with the increased temperature, and with the removal of the TB this should work out. Leave the temp raised for at least another week after the spots are gone (if they are only on the TB, removing the fish will start the week). I would suggest longer, and still might, but I also realize that it has been a month already and earlier there were other medications being used, so I want to be careful.

    To the white opaqueness on the rummy. With all the ich and TB issues, this is possibly resulting from that. As I said to you in our PM exchange, I have had a rummy do the same, and in my case I suspected old age since I had had the fish for several years and it was an isolated case each time. I will be interested to see if other members can throw light on this one issue.


  6. Default

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    Byron I literally don't know what to do. I can't return the fish, I can't afford another tank... And nobody I know keeps fish :(

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    I know this is hard but sometimes it is better to nip the possible problem in the butt then let the whole tank get turned upside down. I would (I say this with compassion), get rid of the Tiger Barbs. Everyone of us in this hobby has made a mistake over the years and has had to make this tough decision. I know you didn't buy them so that makes it harder to do the right thing.
    I'm sorry thats all I have.
    Warning; Bulldog Pleco guarding my Sons tank now..

    Please remember; every keystroke has a consequence.

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    Yes, sadly I have had to put down fish too. This is one reason I so strongly emphasize research before buying any fish. And I too realize that this was not your acquisition but a situation given to you, so please understand there is no blame here. But the lessons you and the rest of us have learned may help others recognize the truth and avoid the mistakes.

    It is a sad case that several of the readily available fish in stores are some of the most unsuitable for a community aquarium. And on top of that, they are pretty fish too. Tiger Barb, Serpae Tetra, common pleco, Clown loach...all are very specialized fish that either have behavioural issues or require larger tanks than many of us have.


  9. Default

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    *sigh* I know, my heart sank when my mum fetched them from the shop. However, if it means anything, they aren't the typical tiger barb, they look like them, but are much smaller, and the lfs assured my mum they were safe to add to my tank. However, I am aware of the bias involved. Anyhow, here is an image of it. barb.jpg

  10. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strider199 View Post
    I know this is hard but sometimes it is better to nip the possible problem in the butt then let the whole tank get turned upside down. I would (I say this with compassion), get rid of the Tiger Barbs. Everyone of us in this hobby has made a mistake over the years and has had to make this tough decision. I know you didn't buy them so that makes it harder to do the right thing.
    I'm sorry thats all I have.
    I just don't know If I can do that. Perhaps I can get the lfs to euthanise them for me, I just really couldn't do it myself.

    Thanks for responding.

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