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  1. Default Electric Yellow Labs

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    I've been doing some research on Electric Yellow Labs -- what do you guys think about me adding 1 male and 3 females to the fish I have listed below in my signature? Some info says they are basically non-aggressive as far as cichlids go (but territorial) and can do well in a tank with some dither fish and some good hiding spots. I have lso read that they should be OK with the barbs, Danios and Pictus, but maybe not the Tetras. Any experience with adding Labs to a non-cichlid community tank? (total of 10 barbs, 3 giant danios and 2 tetras) I always thought it was a no-no, but now I'm starting to doubt that based on some info I'm seeing.

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    "A relatively peaceful species ideal for many hard water communities. Ideally, it should be kept in a Lake Malawi biotope aquarium with fish such as peaceful Haps. It can also be combined successfully with hard water rainbowfish and some Cyprinids. It can be maintained in groups but does become territorial when spawning. Males can also be quite vigorous in their pursuit of mates, so we recommend keeping several females to each male. It can also be combined with other mbuna. If it is kept in a mbuna community, the tank should be overcrowded to reduce aggression and territory formation."

    This is what seriouslyfish says, personally don't have any experience with malawi cichlids so you'll have to wait for the experts to arrive.
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    They are peaceful in relation to other african cichlids(which include many, many notoriously aggressive species, but I personally would be very wary of adding them to your existing community. In the wild the labs also come from very different water parameters than the rest of your stock, but since they all likely are farm bred, I consider this less of a problem.

  4. Default

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to do a little more research and talk to the guys at a really good fish store in NJ too before I buy anything.

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    29g Community tank -

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    They are very peaceful for mbuna, and would probably get along fine with those fish (but a little iffy on the tetras). They would pick on each other more. However the issue is not so much the temperament in this case but the water parameters. Yellow labs require hard, alkaline water while the fish in your tank prefer acidic. However I have a pleco and a pictus cat in my 55 gal, and they are doing fine in my pH level of 8.0. It might be possible to mix them if you raise your pH to a compromised level, but I'm not sure it is worth stressing the other fish out.
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    I do not agree that your signature's fish supports a colony of Mbuna of any type. Mbuna even peaceful mbuna are going to be far to aggressive and territorial and require a much different atmosphere in the tank than the listed fish. I would recommend a second tank, maybe a 29gal for a male and group of 5 or so females with rockwork.

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    I would not add them and do not think that Malawi cichlids should ever be added to a community tank if it is not Malawi community or perhaps a rift lake tank.

    They are robust and can survive a number of different environments but they prefer one very different from your avarage community tank. Harder water, higher pH etc.

    In short. It could work but I can not recommend it. The prefered environment of the different species is too different.
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