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  1. Exclamation Is it an ich or not?

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    Hello I'm new one in this forum and my English is not very good ,but i will try to explain my problem.. So it started two days ago i had some Live Fish Baby's left in one off my tanks so i had idea that i could feed my arowana and few cichlids with thous small fishes well ofc i did it ,but then next day all of the fishes ho was in that tank was covered with millions of small white dot's or spots this is the second day i'm trying to give some (WaterLife Protozin med ) and i rise the temperature a bit higher i been fighting with ich before but this time is different
    1.The spots appeared very quickly and millions of them.
    2.The Fish acts like nothing happened.
    3.They eat like every day..
    4.there is no scratching on drift wood and so one ..

    Have any idea ? is it a really ich or what the h....?
    And any suggestion would be very great !
    Thank you very much ....
    Sorry for my English ! ..

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    Ich looks like your fish is covered in grains of salt.

    If you are trying to treat your tank for ich, it's not a good idea to BOTH add meds AND raise the water temp - it's usually recommended to raise temp 1st and if that's not successful to use meds.

    Both methods require extra oxygen be added to the tank via air stone because both methods pull oxygen out of the water.

    However, it's not smart to treat a tank unless you know exactly what the fish have - many people here request pics if you have any.
    46 gal fw tank with black skirt tetras, neon tetras, spotted corys, cherry barbs, otoclinus, snails & 4 amano shrimp - plastic & live plants
    5 gal QT
    Remember: Our job is to take care of the water our fish live in

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    I concur with imma24, but I am going to go a bit further.

    Ich is usually easy to ID, as you will see spots first on the fins, and not really a lot. Assuming you are observing your fish closely every day, the first few spots will twig you to ich.

    Another very similar parasite is called Velvet. The spots are very much smaller, and usually many more of them. The fish rather appears as if it is coated in tiny grains of sand. The spots are yellowish-white-tan in colour.

    Your comment about the spots you have appearing very suddenly reminds me of two similar experiences. In both cases, I had new fish in the quarantine tank, and they seemed fine for over a week. Then, literally overnight on about the 10th or 11th day, they were covered with what I assumed was ich. And I mean covered. The fish all died within a couple days. I don't think this was Velvet, I have had that previously; this looked more like ich, but the very sudden appearance and death of fish is something I cannot explain. Has anyone else had this occur?


  4. Default

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    Here is Some pictures .. they are not in the best quality but u can see what i'm talking about

    And today i notice they are starting to scratch against some drift wood and the breathing is rapid..
    This is something new for me because i ich few times and most off the time it went all right .. but this time is different so i'm in panic now ..
    Oh and my temp is only 26C !
    and i forget to tell that this situation i have in 2 aquariums and i was feeding them both with live small fish and in the other tank where i have my Oscars it seems that it slowly starting to disappear but in Oscars tank my temp is 28-30C...

    oh and why all the fish act's weird today they all are at the bottom of the tank looks like sleeping or so but when i trow some feed they act like normal .... !? any ideas what should i do ..
    Last edited by artursm15; 10-16-2013 at 12:52 PM.

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    I would say that is ich. Raise the temperature above 86F (30 C) fast. This can often deal with ich in 2 weeks. If this were me, given the severity, I would also use CopperSafe.


  6. Default

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    thanks for replay .. well my arowana died today so now i'm a bit sad hope there will not be more dead body's .. well i rise'd temp so hope that will help ... strange thing was that the arowana was very good looking no spots no nothing but .. eh !!

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    A thought just occurred to me, and that concerns live food. This is generally not a good idea, due to disease. I gather you are raising your own "feeder fish," but it is still something that many do not recommend. Might be part of the Arowana issue.

  8. Default

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    Byron always has good advice but i would never mix medication and heat.
    I'd keep the temp at 86F for 7 -10 days after you see the last spot to make certain all the 'eggs' (for lack of a better word) are dead.
    Before you increase the water temperature I'd do some very large water changes to get rid of any medication that's in there tank.
    Avoid salt. Just go with the heat as instructed above .
    Good luck and I'm sorry about your arrowana
    30 g FW planted:corys, ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, nerites & mystery snails
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    yes it's seems that heat dose the trick today i come back from work and i can see that the spots are disappearing so i hope i will not find more dead body's but i'm still mad on my self that i kill'd my arowana no more live food only some good fish food and some frozen food ! Well this was lesson for my all life . And i'm very happy about all answers ! Thank you guy's for helping out ...

  10. Default

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    Glad you're seeing improvement but don't get impatient and stop treatment too early or you'll just have another outbreak.
    remember after you've seen the last spot - use a magnifying glass to check carefully - on the last fish, still maintain the 86F for 7 - 10 days. Then lower the water temp slowly over 2 days back to normal. make sure you vac the tank really well every 3 days or so during this treatment, do water changes every 3 days taking care to keep the temp of the fresh water at 86F and keep a bubbler running to help keep the water oxygenated during the heat period.
    Good luck.
    30 g FW planted:corys, ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, nerites & mystery snails
    15 g FW planted: crown tail betta, neons, snails
    90 g FW semi planted: Blood Parrots, severum, Jurupari, EBJD, congos, kribs, clown pleco, snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    Fishless cycling:
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