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    Default How to run hospital tanks

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    I work at a pet store and we have 140 tanks on the floor. We have 2 hospital tanks. That is extremely few hospital tanks for the number and diversity of fish that we have. The problem I am having is fish compatibility.

    Tank 1
    20 Gallons
    All Goldfish

    Tank 2
    29 Gallons
    First half community
    Second half large cichlids (African and South American combined)

    The biggest issue I am having is I have nowhere to put small cichlids when they get sick. If I put them with the community fish they pick on the guppies/mollies/platies to death, and the guppies always die. If I put them with the bigger cichlids they are probably going to die.

    Now before you ask, no I am not allowed to get a third tank. Despite how obviously necessary it is. I am allowed to put in another tank divider, or breeder box, or something of than nature to separate them. But a 3rd tank is completely out of the question for some reason. A second divider in the 29 gallon would be possible to get, but fish frequently are able to get by the divider we have. A handful of times I have witnessed a stupid platy sneak by the divider only to be eaten by an oscar on the other side.

    How can I make the best of this bad situation? A second divider in the 29 gallon? A mesh breeder box to put all guppies in so they won't get picked on? I am pretty lost. Is there a good way to divide these tanks?

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    What is the average number of fish you have in these sections?
    29: Harlequin Raspboras, Zebra Danios, Black Skirt Tetras, Platies, Neon Tetras, CAE
    10: Otos, Amano Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrJim View Post
    What is the average number of fish you have in these sections?
    They range from full to full beyond reason.

    It's not so much about the number of fish, but the simple fact that I have 3 sections to divide all our fish when I need at least 4. Dividers aren't very effective. Fish sneak by them all the time. Then my other option is breeder boxes, which are too small. Maybe I could get away with a breeder box for each small cichlid. There aren't usually more than a few of them.

    Basically I'm hoping there is another option I haven't thought of, but I'm not sure there is.

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    Out of interest, why is it you aren't allowed any more hospital tanks? That seems absolutely ridiculous to me. The "hospital" tank can't even be doing much good if the fish are crammed in like sardines and eating each other.

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    From a business perspective, I can see why they might not be able or willing to devote resources to rehabbing stock that will be difficult to sell.

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