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    Default 100% water and gravel change questions???

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    I want to do a complete 100% water change and change out my gravel. I have a 35 gallon hex community tank that has been running for nearly a year with no problems. My question is how can I do this without having the restart the cycling process? Leaving the same gravel in place is not an option, it is just too nasty and doesn't match the rest of my tank. I think that switching up the gravel would be a huge improvement for the tank.

    Also, in order to do the water change, I plan on using one of those siphons that you hook up to your sink to make things easier. However, I dont think the adapter is going to fit my faucet, so I am wondering if I should just hook it up to my garden hose instead. Do you see any reason why I shouldn't do that? I'm not sure if the hose water would be safe or not.

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    What type of filter are you using ?

    Unless you are using a under gravel filter, almost all of the bacteria that you need will be in your filter media. As long as you keep your filter media in old tank water, you will be fine. I have moved my 90 gallon tank twice now since I cycled it and had no problems at all, even when I replaced the substrate
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