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    Default what is the best way to keep filter less tanks clear?

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    I'm raising Triops, and you can't use filters except for undergravel, ididn't get one for my first generation as i honestly didn't think i'd have so much success (check other species forum for my triops journal). that being said i have no filter and only a bubbler.

    What is the best way to keep it clear water or how should i go about making it clear? Triops are very sensitive to Chemicals so i don't want to go out and get water clearer as it might kill them.

    I have a 10 gal tank.

    i need all the suggestions i can get.
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    My Living Transformers
    Mirage - 2 yr old - Blue and white Veil Tail, with white frosted fin tips
    The Troops - T. Longicaudatus (Tadpole Shrimp) Second Generation

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    Why can't you use a sponge filter?

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    i would but i have it already set up and i don't want any of my triop eggs to be sucked up into the filter if i add one, so for now for this batch i'm staying filter less, just need a way to clear the water clarity.

    Also depends on the filters as if they make the tank current too strong it might affect the triops. Even a bubbler is slightly too much current but so far they enjoy playing in the bubbles and it helps them grow faster.

    the highest recommended filter for triops is under gravel filters. corner filters work but if they have a high water flow it could hurt the triops. i'd get a under gravel but i might destroy the eggs my triops laid in the process of installing the filter. i don't want to touch the sand substrate until i go into the tank drying stage after the last of my triops pass on(they live for only 2 months).

    like i said i didn't think i'd be so successful at raising the first batch so basically just for now i'm just looking for a solution to help maintain clear water without use of a filter.

    like should i use plants, should i remove teh triops and add a water clearer. or just go with tried and true change the water until it goes clear (which is only temporary and expensive as tap water is not good for triops)
    My Living Transformers
    Mirage - 2 yr old - Blue and white Veil Tail, with white frosted fin tips
    The Troops - T. Longicaudatus (Tadpole Shrimp) Second Generation

  4. Default

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    By sponge filter I believe imma meant something like this These are often used for raising various fry / breeding. The sponge works just like an airstone except provides more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and gently draws water through it.

    Water changes are always a good way to help clear the water as well.

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    Okay i looked into it, that might work. i'm just paranoid about the eggs and wall since triop eggs are the size of grains of sand. They don't really need filters, since they're natural habitats are puddles or wallows of water that dry up certain times of year. hence why i'm looking for non filter water clearing methods.

    i'm going to do a water change to see if that helps. Anyone know if live plants do any filtration or are they strictly pretty to look at and oxygen enriching?

    all else fails i'll look into the sponge filter
    My Living Transformers
    Mirage - 2 yr old - Blue and white Veil Tail, with white frosted fin tips
    The Troops - T. Longicaudatus (Tadpole Shrimp) Second Generation

  6. Default

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    live plants absorb wastes like ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, so in that since yes they do filter it. They don't remove particles though.

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    You mentioned possibly adding an undergravel filter earlier, but you cannot use these with sand as it will completely clog them.

    The sponge filters like those Zerileous linked work very well. On my smaller tanks, being 10g, 20g, 29g and 33g, I only use a sponge. I happen to like the Hagen Elite which comes in a single and dual sponge, and as it sticks onto the tank wall can go anywhere off the substrate. I have also used the Hydro.

    Live plants are excellent; I did an experimental 10g for several months with no filter, no light (in a West-facing window). The fish were fine, but with the back light it was difficult to see them, so I moved the tank out of the window and added an overhead light. The water was clean, but not exactly crystal clear, so I eventually added a single sponge filter. As Zerileous said, the clarity aspect of filtration is something only some form of filter media like sponge, foam, wool can manage, unless of course the tank is very minimally stocked in which case it can be clear.

    Avoid any chemical "clarifier," which you also mentioned previously. These can certainly harm fish by binding the gills together, so probably invertebrates too.

    Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]

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    that would help, but you're right particles would still be a problem, granted the triops would eat those particles funny enough. i'll look into a sponge filter next week. I had just finished a water change and it starting to look lil better but still lil cloudy.

    thanks though.

    i started this as a hobby and since for most hobby triop tanks usually recommend no filters or undergravel ones before adding adult triops. i already have mine set up which makes adding a filter now lil difficult as where i'd put the filter probably has clutches of eggs in the sand and i want to get a many as i can. (have to wait until the last of the triops pass on before i can dry out the tank to collect the eggs)
    My Living Transformers
    Mirage - 2 yr old - Blue and white Veil Tail, with white frosted fin tips
    The Troops - T. Longicaudatus (Tadpole Shrimp) Second Generation

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