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  1. Default my (kinda first) tank.

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    I just recently got into the hobby of having/keeping an aquarium. I started off with a one gallon filtered aquarium about a month or two ago, that housed a Betta. I read a lot about them online, and learned that I could put a mystery snail in with him so I did that. I also read he would do better in a five gallon tank, so about a week later I had enough spare money to upgrade. I then got two African Dwarf frogs. One of the African Dwarf Frogs was found a few days later, dried up on my bedroom floor ]: I only have one now. I then bought another mystery snail in a different color. After that I decided to buy five cherry shrimp and put them in my old one gallon I originally had for the Betta. Unfortunately I started loosing cherry shrimp, so in a panic I threw the survivors into the five gallon. I'm not sure if they got eaten or not, it's been a few days since I saw one. I also have about four ghost shrimp, and one is pregnant (those babies won't last long, I know.) I recently purchased a Glofish. I did not know they are modified, I thought they were naturally like that. I also did not know that my pretty pink Glofish is actually a Black Skirt Tetra. I read that I should keep them in a school of at least six to prevent them from becoming stressed. I do not want to put anything else in my tank because it is only a five gallon. Reading further, I learned that they are notorious for nipping Betta fins. So far, so good on that. They are both very cautious of each other. They get curious, swim closer to each other, or casually pass by and glance. I hope to upgrade to an 10-15 gallon when I have more money and space. Anyway, just wanted to share what I've been working on the past month+.

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    Hello And Welcome to the Forum.
    A few suggestions to help you on Your Way:
    1. Unfortunately your black skirt tetra will not fit in the 5 gallon nor the planned 10-15 gallon, and certainly not with a large school of co specifics as this species requires. It would be in the fish's best interest if you found it a new home with appropriate tank size and tankmates.
    2. If you don't know what cycling is in an aquarium context, please look it up, starting with the pinned threads in the beginner's section.
    3. For a 5 gallon, a betta and perhaps a snail or a few shrimp is pretty much fully stocked. Please don't add more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiinykat View Post
    I hope to upgrade to an 10-15 gallon when I have more money and space. Anyway, just wanted to share what I've been working on the past month+.
    Agree with above advice - it's not in any fish's best interest for you to find fish you like and then put them into a tank without knowing what it's living requirements are (especially when it comes to potential full grown size), or whether they need a group of several for them to be happy.

    Yes, the 5gal is appropropriate for the betta but that's basically it - if you are going to upgrade, best to wait until you have enough to get something even bigger than a 10-15gal- the larger the tank, the more you can put into it (and the greater # of options) and the easier it is to maintain good water parameters. I always say "get the largest tank you have space for and can afford". A 10-15 gal tank will limit you also as to what you can put into it unless you are happy with a smaller # of fish.

  4. Default

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    Yes, you guys are right. I am probably going to return the glofish skirt tetra because I don't think he's happy in this tank nor is he and my betta friendly towards each other. I hope to get a bigger thank when I have the available space in a few weeks/month. Thanks for the help.

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