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    Default betta changing coloe

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    lately i have noticed my betta changing color.
    first the betta was blue
    couple weeks later it was more purple
    now it is a bit red
    whats goin on
    i hear some people say, "i kept a goldfish in a bowl and it lived for a year."
    they don't know how lucky they were and all goldfish live at least 15 years in proper conditions.
    that is equal to saying my human lived in his closet for 5 years!

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    they tend to change colour if they have the marble or 'jumping' gene. It's nothing to worry about.

  3. Default

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    I think it's ok as long as the fish isn't showing signs of illness. I had one that changed from white to blue and another one that changed from white to pink.

  4. Default

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    My Royal Blue CT started getting some color change a couple of months ago that worried me until I did some research on the jumping gene and found out that was what was going on with him. He started getting some pink stripes on his body and some red in his fins, so strange. He always loves to surprise me though, funny little fish

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    I heard that sometimes they get brighter when there excited? Anyone know if it is true. It sounds reasonable!
    Living the fish life -FishLife

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    Betta can change color for many reasons, and it is all perfectly normal. Some as mentioned above have the jumping gene, and can change color throughout their lifetimes. It is not unusual for some Betta with this variant to change color at various points in their lives.

    Another common reason for color change is a newly acquired Betta. What you see in the store may not actually be its true color, dulled or changed due to stress, bad handling or poor nutrition. Once gained and placed in appropriate housing, and given a nutritious diet, their color can be completely different in a matter of days or weeks from the time of purchase. (Striped Betta in a store are actually stressed and that goes away once they are happy and calm as well).

    Temperature fluctuations can have a Betta change his appearance. In effect, the warmer the water (closer you get to 82 degrees), the more intense the color. Cooler water than optimal will dull and sometimes totally fade colors, as well as too hot.

    Illness can also be involved, mottling, striping, or blackening of a Betta is a sign to check temp and water quality, and observe your fish friend for any illness.
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  7. Default

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    I have a female who can change colors like that in minutes... She doesn't do it so much now, I think it was a threat towards the other female betta I used to have.
    I read a story about a breeder who discovered the jumping gene... Man was he confused! He couldn't figure out why he kept finding bettas that didn't look like the ones he was sure he'd put right there.
    I will note that every now and then you can find a truly striped betta. Usually it is stress, but there's a tiny scattering of females that are striped naturally.
    I hate hearing people say "it's only a $3/$5/$1 fish/shrimp, so it's ok if it dies, I can just get another." It's still an animal! All animals should be treated like they're worth $10,000.
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