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    Default will cichlid release fry if threatened in main tank?

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    Hi guys,

    I have a tank with 5 cichlids and i don't have time or space to raise fry in a separate tank. However, my cichilds wont stop breeding! The first couple of times I noticed that the female was holding fry for what seemed way too long, so I stripped them out after doing some reading. They have lots of hiding spots so some of them survive. They are about 3/4" - 1" now and swim freely with the other fish. They dont hide anymore.

    However, catching holding females is really tough and I feel bad for their health. I think they seem threatened and therefore hold on to the fry longer than i would think is normal. I mean sometimes i can see the fry in the mouth and they are quite big. Obviously this means long periods without food. Sometimes i see them swim up to the food but obviously not eat it, just kind of put their lips up to a pellet for a few seconds.

    My question is this ... if i don't do anything with the female. Will she eventually spit the fry out on her own, or would she starve to death holding them in if she feels that the main tank is unsafe for her to release them? I dont want to test it and have the female die doing so, i'd rather ask first.

    Thanks! Here's a pic of the little ones growing up

    photo (9).jpg

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    She'll release the fry in the tank. If you want to encourage her to spit sooner rather than later, be sure to provide plenty of rockwork and hiding spaces where she will feel safe.
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    Thanks ... i definitely wouldn't want her to starve to death holding them in thinking she's protecting them. Guess we'll see what happens.

    Last time i stripped them out and like 3-4 survived just by hiding well in the main tank.

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    she will spit them, even one a day, mine do it all the time. she will also eat like crazy afterwards, and re breed in 4-5 weeks. i had most fry get picked off by adults, but my tanks population has doubled in 18 months anyway. she will be fine.

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