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    Default 75 gallon stocking question

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    I have two very well established tanks. A 20, and a 75 gallon.

    My 20 has about 15 mollies, a rainbow shark, and a Pleco.

    I know what you're thinking, 15 mollies, way to many. Well, I started with 6, not a big deal, and one died.
    I went to FLA over the summer, and I come home to three babies. OK, so that makes 8 mollies, I'm sure one or two will die eventually, so I think the tank can sustain that many fish. Specially with the babies being about the 1/4 of an inch.
    I took no special feeding precautions with them, and I didn't separate them from the rest of the fish. I figured, let nature run its course. Well, the 3 babies are doing fine, and are about 3/4 of an inch now.
    Well, I come home last night, and I have, for what I can count, 7 more babies in the tank.

    Over to my 75 gallon tank.
    I have 8 Barbs, a mix of tiger and green. A red tail shark, 5 danio's, 2 pleco's, and 5 or 6 cory catfish.

    Everyone in the tank gets along fine. My question, can I put the adult mollies in the 75 gal tank, and have them survive?
    I'm mostly worried about the barbs, as they are a more aggressive fish.

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    Some people often get into thinking too much about fish numbers to determine if or when a tank is overstocked. Personally in my experience I prefer to use a number of factors;
    1. Footprint of tank - A tank with a larger length and breadth will offer more swimming space for fish then a tank that is taller with less length/breadth.

    2. Filtration - A big 75G tank could be overstocked with even just 1 pleco if it is underfiltered. I always aim to use a mixture of internal and external filters on my tanks. Take the manufactures filter ratings and half them then weigh that up against your tank e.g one of my tanks is 48G and I am filtering with a 100G external filter as well as an internal filter.

    3. The Fish - are they big/small and how much waste do they produce. Plecos and thick bodied fish produce higher levels of waste so need lots of filtration. Also behavior needs monitoring, schoolers like barbs do best in groups of 15+ in my opinion this keeps them happy and out of bother.

    I have kinda given you a long winded explanation but to cut it short;

    Up the school of barbs and yes you can add the mollies. . . . . .ONLY if you have adequate filtration and plenty of sight breakers e.g. decorations/plants
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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