Been at the hospital with my gf since last monday. She lost alot of blood and passed out. The only thing left to do was to remove the source of the bleed and that was her entire large intestine. Its been such fun.... (yay sarcasm). Because im staying with her.and cant sleep in hospitals ive gotten 1 night away for 8 hrs sleep, besides that i got maybe 3 hrs the rest of the time. But back to the moral of my story. In august we were here for 5 days for a similar trip, and was super nice to all the nurses and drs. This trip is the same thing. Because we were so nice our names were lumped together and we are being treated so well. We went into a single room at first cause they always think c diff with rectal bleeding. When that came back negitive they had to move use to a double and her room mate refused to let me sleep with her. Some how she was redirected to a single room after 4 hrs. W were able to stay together. After her surgery she went to another double, and the same thing, the room mate refused to let me stay with her. Not even 2 hrs after being up there she was moved to another single room where we could stay together. Not knowing what was going on we just went with it. Well it turns out the rns from the last trip and the resisidents, all pulled strings to keep us in a room where we could stay together. I didnt find this out until i overheard the charge nurses ( yep 3 of them from different floors) telling her surgeon if he moves her to a double again they would just.send her to the 16th floor. ( those are the rooms that you pay 300$/day out of pocket just to stay in the room. Very luxurious.) Surgeons dont like to leave their floor and if she went up there hed have to follow her. All the nurses come to visit us after their shifts its so nice... Any ways.... thats my semi shortened story on why it pays to be nice... XD