Hi Guys,

This is my first post on this website, hoping I'm in the right section!!

I am going to set up a Mbuna tank in the next few months. The tank I am going to have made is 45 US Gallons (172 litres). The dimensions for it are: 850mm length, 450mm height and 450mm depth. I can't go any larger than this and cannot reduce height or depth to increase length. With the height and depth, I can increase one and decrease the other. Anyway to the point, I want to keep 4 Demasoni, 4 Electric Yellow and 4 Blue Mbuna in groups of 1x male and 3x female. I know this might be pushing it but I know that a little over crowing can reduce aggression. I would do plenty of water changes (30% 2X week) and will have a good external filter and UV purifier. I know some of you may think this is too much but bare in mind the tanks longish for 45 Gallon and will be kept very clean.

You're constructive thoughts please? Please note I cannot go any bigger with tank. If completely necessary, I could cut out one of the groups of fish. I am experienced with tropical s but note really with Malawi Cichlids.