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  1. Default Am i risking my betta's life?

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    Hi i was given an extremely overstocked 10 gallon (2 goldfish, 3 neon tetra, 2 amano or ghost shrimp and a baby pleco. AMmonia and nitrites are through the roof so I took the neon tetras and shrimp out (only found 1, assuming other one got eaten as I saw the goldfish chasing them around) as I can house these in my 10 gallon cycled heated and planted 10 gallon. It is divided, male betta on one half and 2 african dwarf frogs on other. Since these neon tetras and the 1 shrimp were in a tank before, do I have to quarantine them?They have been in the previous tank for a couple months, and i've owned them for 2 weeks now. Right now i am acclimating them in a ziplock bag but I am scared to add them as I would be devastated if i unknowingly gave a disease to my betta. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Ps. I have a 40 gallon tank ready for the goldfish and pleco (temporary for the pleco) hopefully by next week.

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    Default Am i risking my betta's life?

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    First of all, good thing to know that you are ready for the pleco and goldfish! :)
    But now the problem:
    That I will start with a question :P
    Can you easily contact whoever gave you these fish? If so, ask them if there was any disease or related problems in the tank before they gave it to you. If not, I think you will be fine, but it's up to you to decide. If so, quarantine. As for not being able to contact them, I wouldn't put them in if you are really attached to that betta because you just never know. In afraid I can't offer any more advice really, so good luck. :/

    You are going to need to up the number of tetras at some point.
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    Thanks for your reply. I can almost guarantee the person who owned them before would never notice signs of a disease. I decided to put the 3 neon tetras and 1 amano shrimp in a 1.5 hospital tank until the 40 gallon is ready (at which point i will get 6 more tetras). They def aren't extremely happy with their temporary home as one of them won't stop chasing and nipping the other ones, but in my opinion clean water is better then a bit bigger space.

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    Seems like it would be ok. I would keep that divider in there though as you never know what types of tank mates are going to be ok with bettas. I've ever heard of dwarf frogs killing bettas.
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    Are they common goldfish? Do you know what kind of pleco you have?

    If I were you, I try and re-home all 3 - giving them a 40gal tank isn't necessarily the best bet, because if all 3 are due to outgrow that tank, then you have to look to upgrade the tank size or give them away anyway.

    Goldfish can grow to at least a foot depending upon the species and plecos are in the same category unless its a bristlenose.

    While giving them clean water is a necessity, space is also important - I don't think keeping a 6 inch fish in a 10gal tank is smart, even if you change the water twice a day.

  6. Default

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    Thanks for the advice. I decided to donate the goldfish to the pet store as their needs are not met in the 10 gallon and I don't want to mix tropical fish with goldfish in the 40 gallon. Pleco (temporarily) will be in the 40 gallon when it is cycled, along with more tetras for the 3 skiddish ones.

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