(Mods, i have a general thread on this aquarium in "beginners" and a few in specific forums. Feel free to consolidate/ let me know if that is the appropriate way to keep things, rather than threads scattered about the forums)

I am pretty new to keeping aquariums. I am starting up a 36g bowfront tank and hoping to plant it so that a pair of bolivian rams will find it homey, while not getting too complicated with the keeping. Could anyone help me with suggestions for easy plants that don't require co2 and will settle in to a (soon to be) sand substrate?

I am looking at/planning on LED lights because I live in Florida and don't need anything raising my water temps during at least 6 months of the year when the house stays between 78-80 degrees, but haven't actually figured out which one I will need. Any recommendations in that department would also be appreciated.

So far we have jungle val, java fern and java moss growing away in a populated tank. They are under the lights that came with a 15g tall set up and haven't been fertilized or given any special treatment and they are all growing and spreading happily. They do have an extremely well lit room, though. Some of the java moss is already floating in the new tank while it cycles, and there is a good chance that some of the other two will find their way in also.