Im Planning 29 gallon Goldfish tank and justed wanted some input.

Eheim 2217 canister filer
Aquaclear 20
ProSponge Filter
Eheim 100 watt heater will be kept @ 75 F.
LED light. Not sure which yet.

Medium to large smooth or rounded edged river stones
Some driftwood

CaribSea Instant Aquarium Tahitian Moon. Its black sand
Some eco complete at the bottom layer.

1 large amazon sword
1 tall, broad leaf anubia. I dont remeber the type maybe its a gilletii but not sure
Duckweed ( goldfish love this stuff)

2 x ranchu goldfish
1 maybe 2 mystery snails aka apple snails

What do you all think?

I pick these plants because they are tough. Does anyone have goldfish and plant exprience?

Is there anything I overlooked?