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    Question Which tank to put the newAPI Fillstar XPL on

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    I have 2 55 gal tanks; one with tropicals and the other with goldfish. Both tanks are cycling (due to all of the advice here). I ordered the Filstrar XPL thinking I would put it on my tank (tropicals) and take the HOB and add it to the HOB on my wife's goldfish tank. The goldfish are in need of more filtration as they are truly filthy buggers!! The filter gets here today and it is much bigger than I thought it would be. Which gets me to thinking that perhaps I should put it on the goldfish tank???? Here are the questions:

    1) Would I be better off putting this monster on the goldfish tank?

    2) I do not see anyway to regulate the flow rate. On the website it says "Waterflow with filtration media and accessories: 187 U.S. GAL/h (706 L/h)". Is this too much flow for the goldfish? Small tropicals i.e. cardinal tetras, cherry barbs, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!

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    Put it on the goldfish tank. Definitely not too much flow/filtration. Make sure you take some of the media out of the HOB and put it in the new filter so you don't lose whatever start you have with your bacterial colony.

    The 55g tropical tank may be okay with the two HOB filters, depending on what filters they are, total stock, and your water change schedule.
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    Agreed, put it in the goldfish tank. The spray bar can be directed upwards towards the top of the water (I do that with mine).
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    I agree too.

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    I also agree. I hope you bought some more media for it. It only comes with one of each size of the black foam pads and you should have two. Also it only comes with a handful of biomedia "stars" and that wont even fill half a basket. I have mine setup with the foam in the bottom basket and the other two are full of biomedia.

    Also yours will likely just have a nozzle instead of thr spraybar mentioned above.

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    That is correct, no spray bar. The only one I could find online was for a Fluval; would it work?

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    You can still find the rena spraybars sometimes but they are kind of expensive. I am running two of these filters and dont have a spray bar on either. It just makes the current a little higher but you can point it towards the surface and put some tall plants around it to slow it down. (I have fake plants in front of mine so the flow with them doesnt matter)

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    After looking at some online, it looks like I could make one out of PVC pipe. Drill a few holes and connect it.

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    That would work. You can do without a spraybar, depending upon the tank/fish, and here with goldfish my suggestion would be to place the filter outflow about 1 foot from the end wall, mount it on the back wall of the tank obviously, and aim it tow3ard the end wall that is closest. I have this arrangement in my 115g tank and it has worked well. The end wall will break the full force of the water and it will push back throughout the tank.

    I set up this arrangement because the tubing that comes with the Rena is only five feet in length, and with a five foot tank (in my case) I had to have the filter canister sitting on the floor at one end, and this was the only way I could get it to work. The filter outflow and intake should be at opposite ends of the tank for best water flow and filtration.

    To your question about using Fluval spraybar, this would work but it may not fit. I know my Eheim and Rena canisters have different sized tubing, so the various attachments are not interchangeable. Not sure what Fluval has, but in case you're still thinking of it, it might not fit.


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    Got the first Filstar XPL 2 weeks ago; it had a large chip on the corner and couldn't have made a seal. I send it back, they send me another one. I hook it up today, after watching the video and reading the directions multiple times; I did everything by the book. Water comes pouring out around the top. I pull the lid off and all the seals look OK. I put it back on and try it again; same thing. I go to check the seals again and one of the clamps that hold the lid on, falls off in my hand. It was broken at the hinge.

    How about another recommendation? It is going on a 55g with 5 goldfish, but which will probably end up with 7 max. How big a unit/flow do I need?
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