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Thread: BN Babies

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    Default BN Babies

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    I counted about 15 BN pleco babies that emerged from their cave for the first time sometime yesterday while I was at work. These are currently in a 10 gal with a male albino and female brown BN and a few guppies, so I guess I should be trying to move them soon to another tank?

    They're so small that I'm not sure how to go about this just yet. I want to make sure nobody gets hurt in the move. Although the week before I was able to save one as a wiggler (basically a yolk sack with a tail!) who apparently got kicked out of the cave when the male got a little excited during a water change. I was able to put him in a mesh breeder that hangs inside the tank where he/she grew. Last night I released him back to the tank to hang with the others. I have a dark substrate and some plants/driftwood in their current tank so it will be a challenge to get them all. There may be more that I haven't found yet.

    What size tank would you use for grow out? Can I use another 10 or 20 gal? They will be going to my LFS when old enough so I won't be keeping them too long. Would you add substrate or leave bare bottom? I will add some driftwood and I have an extra filter that's been running on another tank which also has a prefilter on it. I also have a good amount of moss I'll be trimming soon in another tank which I could add if that would help any.

    And feeding them if I move them? There's probably more for them currently in the existing tank to munch on, in addition to the zucchini and cukes I provide for the adults. Can they grow as well in a new tank with just these veggies and maybe some algae wafers?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Unfortunately can't give you the advice you are looking for but so exciting! congrats!

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    I don't have any answers for your questions, but congrats on your babies!....I wish I lived near you, I would definitely take some off of your hands!
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    I'll 3rd the other's comments. That is so cool! I, too, wish I was close to you because I'd take some. Love my bristle nose!
    Hope you get some answers but I'm guessing they will be fine for some time in your 10 gal as they are so small. All your other suggested fixes also sound logical. You might check with your LFS if no one else chimes in with a solid solution.
    good luck.
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    Thanks guys.
    I'm going to leave them where they are for a time following advice from others and when they're larger see about moving them. I also love the BN and these are so cute. Too hard to get a picture right now due to their size and the way the tank is oriented, but I'm going to try in a few days when I get more time.

    I've sold habrosus cory to my LFS and 5 angel fry I managed to raise from eggs before, so I'm hoping I can make a deal here too. I don't want to learn anything about shipping but if there are any "locals" interested, let me know.

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    Congrats on the babies - BNs are my favorite fish.

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    Congrats on the fry! Maybe pm mojosodope, he recently bred bn and has been raising the fry... super nice guy and very helpful

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