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    Default Top Fin 150 gallon

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    Anyone own one? Ive really loved the shape of that tank for many years and since I am going to be (soon hopefully) moving some more of my fish I need a place to put them. I really dont want to put my L330 in an acrylic tank...Im sure he would maul it in a years time. This tank has caught my eye because it offers a good foot print and lots of water for a 4ft wall space. Ive only owned a few Top Fins in my stent in the hobby and have heard mixed reviews. The largest top fin I have owned has been a 20G long, no issues with it and it appeared solidly built with just sloppy silicone work.

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    I take it this is the setup from petsmart? If it has a lifetime warranty I would say go for it.

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    Yep, its the setup from petsmart.

    We also have no LFS close, Ive had a 90G ordered from a LFS 2 hours away for 3 months that has yet to come in. I am kind of limited at this point to petsmart or shipping acrylic tanks.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Well the stand from the setup looks good and I thought it came with the glass tops. You should wait if they come out with one of their 15% off coupons to buy it with. My petsmart does not carry this tank setup so I have not seen it in person.

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    how much is petsmart hitting you for that one? their tanks are usually way over priced lol
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    It comes with a pretty standard wood/particle board stand, tank, glass tops and a single bulb fixture. Not bad really and the setup itself doesn't look to be of poor quality. The stand itself is decent looking, the tank appears to be sturdy enough. It also has 1 fairly wide center brace, and the warranty is a good perk. I have not encountered anyone who has actually purchased this tank to see how it has held up.

    I have heard rumors that Marineland actually builds the top fin tanks. I have a 56 column from Marineland that I cannot complain about outside of some sloppy silicone which I fixed with a razor blade.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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