Hello all,

I've got a black beard algae problem taking over my tank. In the process of getting rid of it all, I've gotten the idea of changing up the aquarium a bit. I've got some slow growing plants in the tank and want to take them out and throw in some faster growing plants. The three plants that I've got growing in there are slowly decaying one leaf or two at a time.

Anyways, since I've got to clean it all out, I've thought about changing out the black substrate that I've got in there now and adding in some soil for the new plants and then adding some sand on top of all that, but i'm not sure how this would all work with a gravel vacuum that I use to clean it all out. I'm sure that it'll all get mixed up and not look too good over time. What are your ideas?

I'm very hesitant about putting in that soil because it clouds up the water quite a bit. Just simply rinsing it off does not help one bit at all. I also have a stocked aquarium as well.

Very Respectfully