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  1. Default "Community fish" for the shrimp tank; RCS

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    Hey all, I have a 5g planted nano that I'm primarily planning on stocking with cherries. Might pick up a few oto cats as well once the tank is established. However, in the long run I'd like to add a single species that would swim around the water column some. The tank doesn't have much "leg room" so to speak, so I am already thinking pretty small, or possibly something like a honey gourami (even though it's mouth doesn't look big, I'm sure it would eat shrimp though).

    I'm just curious for ideas in the planning phase on who I might have some luck housing with them. With any luck MTS will have hit full as I already have a honey gourami / cory tank in mind, so that would provide some backup housing if I had trouble with a particular species. Also hopefully by the time I want to add any fish, RCS would be numerous enough to tolerate an occasional nibble, but that isn't my goal!

    Sorry if you guys see this type of post often, I didn't have much luck with the search feature.

  2. Default

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    If you have got some good plant cover (you probably do, as I look at your signature) that isn't just on the lower level of the tank, I would recommend endler's livebearer, as well as other small livebearing species smaller than guppies. From my own experience, i could recommend the ember tetra. Many small species would work, but not a gourami. Make sure they are smaller than neon tetras and guppies, IME. That's what I've had success with, and as always, if it's mouth looks big enough to fit a baby shrimp into it, it will probably eat it.
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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  3. #3


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    The 5 gallon bit worries me. shrimp and ottocats pretty much stock this to full capacity.

    Ember tetra, endler or any of the boraras species could work in combination with shrimp.

  4. Default

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    You're right dutchie, in a nano I do have to consider the bioload of shrimp. I will probably chose just one fish species and shrimp to finish out the stocking. Toad, thanks for confirming that my idea of having a honey in there isn't realistic. I appreciate the suggestions :)

  5. #5


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    I would suggest one of the boraras, also. Here's a link that describes several of them:

  6. Default

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    7 RCS are currently drip acclimating :). The LFS uses RO water and I'm using tap with a fairly high pH, so I figured it would be safest to drip them even though they are hearty. Unfortunately much of the crypt melted off, because I moved it around a second time after planting, or possibly was too rough with it when dividing and placing into the substrate. I think at least a few will make it, and hopefully I will be able to maintain the right foreground and central midground with crypts. I'm going to try some chainsword along the left mid and background. I have a CFL shining from above and on that side of the tank, so I think I will have enough light for it.

    This LFS also has some ember tetras, although those boraras are amazing looking. I'll have to check into their availability. :)

  7. Default

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    I have heard of some people having problems with bororas jumping. In one example, it was a carpet only HC tank, with high light. I imagine that this environment contributed to their insecurity. My tank doesn't have a cover, and I do sometimes fill it fairly high. I do eventually plan on having substantial floating plants in the tank, do you think this would serve to decrease the likelihood of jumpers?

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    I have the Boraras urophthalmoides in a Spec V and while it does have a cover the middle of the cover is open. I haven't had any issues with jumping or even seen any inclination for this. I have chilis in another tank but that one does have a cover so I can't say if they have tried.

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    Nov 2008
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

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    Water parameters haven't been mentioned. If you have shrimp, presumably the water is on the hard side rather than soft...? In which case Boraras will not fare well. Without knowing your GH I can't offer much more than a caution. Shrimp need moderately hard water for the calcium of their exoskeleton, but soft water fish the opposite.

    Byron Hosking, BMus, MA
    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Something we all need to remember: The fish you've acquired was quite happy not being owned by you, minding its own business. If you’re going to take it under your wing then you’re responsible for it. Every aspect of its life is under your control, from water quality and temperature to swimming space. [Nathan Hill in PFK]

  10. Default

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    Per my water company, total hardness as CaCO3 averages 107ppm (roughly 6 dGH using a conversion factor of 17.86 per A spot check at the LFS indicated roughly 2.5 dKH. The water changed color on the second drop, but was not clearly either color until the third drop.

    I had inferred that this would provide enough minerals for the shrimp, while remaining soft enough for many fish species. The Boraras in particular I'm not certain.

    Another problem that I have with water parameters is pH. The city alkalinizes the water to protect pipes. It comes out of the tap around 9.5 and sits around 8.2 in the aquarium. I plan to start aging my aquarium water in peat, hopefully to make it just below 8.

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