Hey all, I have a 5g planted nano that I'm primarily planning on stocking with cherries. Might pick up a few oto cats as well once the tank is established. However, in the long run I'd like to add a single species that would swim around the water column some. The tank doesn't have much "leg room" so to speak, so I am already thinking pretty small, or possibly something like a honey gourami (even though it's mouth doesn't look big, I'm sure it would eat shrimp though).

I'm just curious for ideas in the planning phase on who I might have some luck housing with them. With any luck MTS will have hit full as I already have a honey gourami / cory tank in mind, so that would provide some backup housing if I had trouble with a particular species. Also hopefully by the time I want to add any fish, RCS would be numerous enough to tolerate an occasional nibble, but that isn't my goal!

Sorry if you guys see this type of post often, I didn't have much luck with the search feature.