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    Angry cherry shrimp stopped breeding..

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    Here we go, i have cherry shrimp in a 10 gallon tank with tons of java moss, small and large duckweed, najas, java fern, freshwater lettuce ( the stuff that is stringy and forms a bush above the gravel, i think its called subersang or something like that), 3 caves, hob filter with a sponge on the intake, florescent light, pre set heater at 78, brown gravel, prime and tetra declorinator pre mixed into 1 gallon jugs before added, sechem flourish, cuttle bone for minerals, feed them hikari shrimp cusaine, max breed and max growth shrimp food, flake food, ph around 8, am 0, no2,0, no3 20, 50 % water change once a month with gravel vac since its a pain with all the live plants, oh and a amazon sword plant and one fake bush as well, cycled like 10 months ago. i started with roughly 30 shrimp from 3 different private breeders and they bred a few times but most of the big shrimp have died of at about 1 every 2- 3 weeks, i think due to troubles with molting since when ever i find them dead they dont have a hard shell. Now im left with all their offspring that have grown from fry and they range from females and males about 1/2 inch and are very active and i see the females saddle up all the time but i never see them carrying eggs and i see the males do their little swimming circles when a female wants to breed but still no fry or eggs. There is also some small breeding black bar endlers in there as well, started with a trio and they have exploded into 30 some fry at different ages and have never lost a fry to the parents eating them and they left the new born cherry fry alone as well and never peck at the adults. The cherries dont ever hide from the endlers unless they are molting and are always scavaging and roaming around all day and night. There is also spiked shelled trumpet snails that have exploded as well so i know the tank is healthy if the endlers and trumpet snails are thriving but the shrimp arent breeding. I was thinking about adding some seachem netrual regulator to bring the ph to 7 since where i live in MN my water is really hard since i live on an iron range. I make sure the fish are fed alot incase they would ever get hungry enough to turn on the shrimp but i have never seen them so much as nip at them and i have watched them hours on end to see if it was them. The endler fry will be removed next water change as well as all the excess snails. I could remove all the endler if they are the problem but really dont want to put them with my really rare and expensive ginga rubras or my other endler breeding tank since the ones with the shrimp are N class endlers. also im not sure if the shrimp are just too young since most if not all are the offspring from 4 - 6 months ago. If anyone else has some advice on why they are not producing eggs or whatever the problem is i would really appreciate the advice!! Thank you!!

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    I'm not the most experienced person, but I've heard accounts where people have lost shrimp, and it has stopped when they stopped dosing fertilizer. In your case, maybe stop dosing seachem flourish for a little while and see if that makes a difference. That's really all I can think of. IME, I've had shrimp carrying eggs and I would see no fry. The fry turned out to be getting into the HOB filter intake even with a guard. But if you see no eggs on your shrimp, then that probably isn't a case.
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    even tho it is a minor amount, flourish dose contain copper and that is toxic to shrimp.
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    i have a sponge on the intake of my HOB filter even so there is no way they are getting sucked into it. I just started dosing with flourish about a month ago and this has been going on for longer then that. I noticed some shrimp last week had eggs under their tail but a few days later i couldnt find the ones who had it or im not sure if they are hiding and i just cant find them or they dropped them. i pulled prolly 30 black bar endler fry out of there and prolly 75 snails maybe more. If they are stressed will they drop there eggs like if a endler is picking on them? I know there is alot of shrimp in there but i have not been seeing a lot out at once the past week since they have so many places to hide but they mostly hang out in their bush, a plant called sumersang or fresh water sea weed, im not sure how its spelled. I hope someone will have some insight into this problem or knows what to do. Should i take the endlers out and see if they start holding for good now? only problem is that they are N class black bars so i dont want to mix them with my other endlers and guppies cuz then their fry will be P class. It just doesnt make sense that it would be the endlers fault since they dont eat any of their fry and i have a 100% survival rate with the fry!

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    So I took all the endlers and their fry out of the shrimp tank and only left a albino bn Pleco fry in there and they seem too bee berried up and breeding again and I have even found 5-10 shrimplets! The problem is now is that since all the fish are gone I have noticed fricken planaria and nemotodes that the fish keep in check since I can't grav vac that tank to often since its pretty much 85% planted and I don't wanna suck up my baby cherries that I just got back but now people have said planaria will eat or kill Shrimp or shrimplettes! Does anyone know 100% if they are a danger to my shrimp and what's a shrimp safe fish I could add in there that wont eat the babies that will help with the unwanteds like the planaria and nemotodes. I was thinking maybe Pygmy corycats, not Otto's since they have a sucker mouth and I already have a bn pleco in there. I hope someone gets back to me ASAP with some advice please.

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