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  1. Default Accidentally ran unconditioned hose water through cycled filter

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    hello, last week i had changed the substrate in my 50 gallon aquarium from gravel to finer gravel and emptied out all the water before doing so. The tank was already cycled at the time but i figured if i changed the substrate and removed all the water i'd still have enough beneficial bacteria in my two filters (marineland c-220 and an aqueon 50 quietflow HOB filter). after adding the new sandy substrate i added all the water back into the tank, but i turned on the filter without conditioning the water for about 5 minutes before realizing what i had done. Will i have to start cycling all over again? i had bio balls added into the canister filter and the HOB filter material is about a month and a half old i only rinse it in tank water when needed to clean. I also bought and added some topfin bacteria booster the next day. There are no fish in the tank yet and ammonia and nitrites have both been at 0 so far.

  2. Default

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    Doh! So you did a full water change, changed the substrate, and ran chlorinated water through cycled filters? It's good that you don't have any fish in there as of yet. With that drastic of a change I personally would cycle the tank again. I could only assume the beneficial bacteria was severely diminished or completely eliminated.
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    If you do have fish in there, test the water daily and complete water changes if required. Do this for a week or two to be safe. If you find any ammonia or nitrites, complete enough of a water change to keep the levels within the safe zone, just like you would when cycling with fish
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

  4. Default

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    i guess i'll just throw in my cycling fish back into the tank (they were all alive i just moved them to a smaller 20 gallon tank to cycle that tank) and see how it fairs

  5. Default

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    Must suck to be a cycling fish... :-)
    Ide say if u have amonia present let it cycle, if not stock slowley and check daily

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by itaydadon View Post
    Must suck to be a cycling fish... :-)
    Ide say if u have amonia present let it cycle, if not stock slowley and check daily
    well there isnt any ammonia and there hasnt been any for about 5 days now since i added the new water in, are you sure i can slowly stock this tank with the fish i want? That would be great if i can!

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    Poor "cycling fish". It's one thing to put them through a cycle once, twice in a row must be miserable.

    To the question at hand, I accidentally did this on my 90 gallon tank right after completing a fishless cycle. In my case, it did not have any visible effect on my cycle, but the concentration of chlorine in water supplies can vary from one place to the next.
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    I had to read your initial post a couple times before I understood it correctly, at least I think I am understanding. You filled the tank after the substrate change with tap water, not the old water from the tank, correct? And you added conditioner five minutes after turing the filters back on.

    You may be OK. As CrunchyLeaf said, chlorine levels vary. Also, nitrifying bacteria are not the delicate critters we tend to imagine. Have a read of this article:

    But I must scold you for using any fish to cycle a tank. Fish do not survive this. They may live through the cycling, but they have been affected physiologically and they cannot fully recover. Down the road they will acquire other diseases/health problems they would not otherwise have, and they will have a shorter life, all due to the effects of ammonia and/or nitrite poisoning. It is frankly cruel to subject any fish to ammonia and nitrite like this.

    Add some floating plants, lots of them, and you can add avery few fish. Plants take up the ammonia, and as long as the plants are growing and the fish are few, this works.


  9. Default

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    Well we are both from vancouver so we should have the same amount of chlorine in our water haha, but yea it was fine my cycle wasnt destroyed

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    Quote Originally Posted by canucks1 View Post
    Well we are both from vancouver so we should have the same amount of chlorine in our water haha, but yea it was fine my cycle wasnt destroyed
    Chlorine levels vary depending where in the Greater Vancouver area one lives. Chlorine is added at the initial source of course, but as water travels through the supply lines the chlorine weakens. This is why one can let chlorinated water stand 24 hours to out-gas the chlorine, or do the same by shaking it briskly. So to deal with this, since bacteria would increase the further away from the chlorine station the water travels, they have sub-stations to add more chlorine. I don't know off the top of my head where these are, but they probably tell online. Anyway, depending where one lives, and how close that is to one of these chlorine stations, the chlorine level will vary.

    I used to have it much worse than now. There were days when I would begin sneezing during my water changes, because I have an alergy to chlorine and inhaling the fumes from the water aggrevates it. Sometimes I get this just running water in the sink, or shower too. But this has not happened for several months, so obviously, for whatever reason, there is less now than before. But it is still there, I know that; a couple weeks back I forgot to add the conditioner in one of my tanks as I was filling it, and before I had even finished I saw the fish gathering at the opposite end from the Python, near the surface, respirating much faster. I instinctively knew what I'd done, and I dosed the conditioner. Within a couple minutes, the fish were moving back into the rest of the tank. So there is sufficient chlorine in my water to cause trouble.


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