wow! I haven't been here for a while. im glad to see you're still putting so much help to others and developing your reef!!
I can say hands down the biggest jump start I got in this hobby was from this forum, especially cliff.

anyhow, I ventured into the reef tanks and currently have a nice but humble 60 gal softie, LPS, invert reef. knock on wood it is doing GREAT!
I am moving into a house and can finally upgrade, I scored an amazing deal on a 360 tank and am putting ALOT of time into the planning, I learned the hard way you better get it right months before you even think about starting to plumb.

SIDE VIEW NEW.jpgsump design new TOP.jpgsump design new.jpg
the tank is 60X 30W X 20H with a center overflow starfire glass, the sump is a 48X18W X 24H (attached photos for design) I am planning a center return in order to maximize the flow time in the sump, I am going on a big overkill on natural filtration, want to have a stable tank for SPS.

SWC skimmer rated for 400 GAL
algea scrubber (learned this blessing from the forum a year ago)
160 LBS of high quality live rock- starting with BRS pukani dry rock seeded with some good quality rock from my tank, will be aiming for the minimalist/ lagoon design within the DT putting most rock in the sump. I have read ALOT about these rocks and will be curing them intensively pulling out all phosphates.
I just got the new reeflo blowhole 2700 ordered.
thinking of adding another jabeo WP60 pump, heard the 40's were AMAZING and I defiantly want very high flow taking into consideration there will be no sand to bother me (oh yeah, its going to be bare bottom)
lights are still in progress, thinking about the photon reef breeder 48" along with 2 LED blue and white ebay fixtures for additional power.

what do you guys think?