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  1. Default Molly sick/Dying?

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    I was about to leave to go get another molly and I check on my tank 1st. My black lyrail tail molly is swimming near the gravel in place(about an hr). Then it lays on the gravel not moving. I touch it and it starts swimming again for 20 secs. Right away I tested my water. Ammonia/no2/no3 are at 0 !. My Ph is at 7.4-7.6(it is always in this range) . I have had this molly for about 3 weeks now and has never showed signs of being sick. Btw it is a Male .

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    In general, a cycled tank shows some reading for nitrates.

    Do you have enough agitation going on in the tank? Agitation keeps oxygen in the water. It can come from either your filter or an airstone.

    When is the last time you changed your water and how much?

    Do you have a way to quarantine new fish? I wouldn't get anymore fish until you see how this fish is going to fare 1st and you make sure your tank is cycled.

    What else is in the tank stock-wise?

  3. Default

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    I think he is about to die now.. when i said 0 I meant the low color on the API fresh water master test kit.

    I do have enough agitation from my filter and powerheads.

    All the other fish seem fine. I have had no problems with any of them

    It is a cycled tank Did a 40% water change about 3 days ago.
    Fish stock ~

    blue gourami
    silver balloon molly
    black skirt tetra x6
    clown pleco
    african dwarf frog x4
    black kuli loach x3
    Last edited by Whiskers19; 09-11-2013 at 01:06 PM.

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    I would wait a bit and make sure the other fish are fine.

    I also recommend quarantining any new fish - can save a lot of expense as one new fish can cause a lot of problems to your main tank.

    Sometimes fish die even if we are doing everything right.

  5. Default

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    The only new fish I have added were the 3 loaches but they have been in my other tank for a while. I'll wait a day to get any fish now.
    Was thinking about starting a QT tank up soon !.

    I keep moving him with the net and he just swims down in a corner n does not move. Should I take him out or wait till he is 100% dead?

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    My own personal feeling is unless a fish is obviously a goner and you want to put it out of its misery, I keep an eye on it and let it stay - especially if the other fish appear OK.

    I highly recommend getting a 5-10gal tank for quarantine purposes - an HOB filter good for double the size. Run the filter in your main tank at all times and then transfer it to the little tank for quarantine for an instantly cycled tank. I don't even use substrate - just a couple of fake plants to providing hiding spots for new fish.

  7. Default

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    I will be setting up a QT tank soon. The molly died about a day ago. I did not take him out until he was 100% dead. All the other fish are still fine . Poor Fishy :(

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