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    Time for an update! After getting a handle on some of the niceties of my water supply, and allowing my tank to go through a bonus cycle, I have finally added 7 cherry shrimp! Most of them are coloring nicely against the rock and under the Lily. I may add a black background as well, as they really do like the darker colors.

    A bunch of the crypts melted after I did some re-arranging, though I should have known to be more gentle with them. It looks like a few will bounce back, so I'm not losing any sleep over it. I added some pygmy chain swords to the left side of the tank as well.

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    Just have time for a quick update. Added a few MTS, also picking out pond snails that hitchiked in with the plants. I picked up some java moss (currently sitting in a bowl in a window) that I'm going to tie to the filter/light box when I get a chance.

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    I think it's about time for an update. The grass on top rotted off of its roots and died. Maybe I was too aggressive with it, or possibly it wasn't meant to be grown emersed, or I could have simply planted too deep. Either way I'm looking for a nice emersed plant to replace it. I've heard spider plants do well, but would also be interested in something with more color.

    One or the RCS is looking berried lately :D, but I couldn't get her to pose. The Crypts are coming back in the midground and foreground, but slowly. The lily seems to have some new growth, but hasn't sent out any pads yet. There are lots of nematodes, seed shrimp, and something smaller like daphnia floating around now. I think these are contributing to the cloudy appearance of the water.

    Currently I'm doing 20-30% water changes 2-3 times a week (did one today just because I wanted to fool around in the tank). Dosing flourish excell and comprehensive but only to the amount of water I'm adding. I may start dosing more heavily soon, at least on the comprehensive. The moneywort has lost a lot of leaves, except for the topmost. I think it's a light competition issue on the right side of the tank, since right now I'm using a CFL at a distance from the left side to supplement the LED. I moved the taller stems to where I hope they'll get more light until I can scrounge a better fixture.

    I tied java moss to the three sides of the filter unit, but you can't really see it against the brown background yet.

    Finally some FTS, before and after re-arranging the stems.

    Current inhabitants: 6 RCS, 3 Malaysian Trumpet Snails (added intentionally), some pond snails (I just take them out when I see them), bunches of seed shrimp, nematodes, and other little dudes. Also still looking for some good floating plants. My plan is to add 7 nano fish (boraras, ember tetra, or maybe endlers) once the first generation of RCS has grown some. In the mean time, continuing to grow plants, find plants, etc. I'm kind of concerned about not having enough bioload for the plants at the moment though :/

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    Well, I went to the LFS today not expecting much (maybe pick up another pot of crypts), and instead they had endlers and new plants!!

    So I got 4 male endlers
    1 RCS (berried :D - got impatient)
    3 red lotuses
    some heavy stalks of wisteria to help improve the cover
    2 "red cardinal" plants (one I planted midground, the other I'm going to try to grow emmersed above the filter)

    The crypts are still doing okay in the midground, they just need some time to fill in. Floated some of the moneywort and wisteria leaves to help discourage jumping, will also be keeping the level fairly low for a while. Pics to come tomorrow after lights on!
    Last edited by Zerileous; 10-04-2013 at 11:19 PM.

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