Referring20130909_203635.jpg to the picture I inserted I know I have too many of them in one tank I plan to give them away to some one who love this fish.
The tail nipping have gotten out of hand.
Changing water to ease the problem is not a long term solution.

Any other ideas?
I learn this experiences through breeding them
1. They can grow very fast
2. they very get aggressive and territorial due to lack of space.
3. They expect to eat on time.
4. if there is one injury they will die (in-fighting)
5. There are no weakling among them
6. feeding frenzy is a quick snap and jump affair.
7. always know when to change water.
8. always check the temperature.
9. keep them happy if you have a lot of decoration and places to hide
10. once they breed be prepare to work for it.
11. Filtration unit is the most important item in the system.
12. maintenance of the water, filtration and cleanliness will help them survive through the most toughest of times.
13. It is very sad to even loose any one of them.
14. when you give them away make the other person know how to keep them happy.
15. Make sure your equipment is up to par with bio-load
16. finding replacement parts for External Canister filter is tough and hard work.
17. When you feed them with egg yolk do so.
18. if they have grown up make sure they know you are the one feeding them.
19. never frighten them with a piece of cloth or they will jump out of the tank.
20. 1 is bad enough but 20 of them maybe it is too much. last count was 150 of them I gave away a lot.

Simon Yee