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  1. Default I have a story about a boy who wanted a big mean fish and his name was Jack!!!

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    This story is about how a kid with no knowledge who learned and started a hobby .. my first fish ever... JACK!!!

    For now the closest I could get to what he looked like in his prime and in a good mood; I'm gonna scan the pic of my JD (age 6ish maybe when I can) the best looking and amazingly smart and tough fish I ever had I nabbed em as a baby an inch long little did I know it'd end up 12'' I knew they got big but rarely that large. Thing is we grew up together I was 9 man 9 when I got him; he looked just like that at 10 YEARS OLD. If I had him still he'd be 17 I was 9 when I got him I wanted a big mean fish and so a lil research and first trip I see jack dempsey babies boom got the one I wanted and all I had was a 29g then I read everything I could read and went from a 29g all alone and spoiled and big enough about 6'' to handle friends in a 75g.

    So I was a kid didn't have money for anything I bought a used 75g made my own stand and used filters (eventually 2 emp 400s and as many others as I could fit also x2 50% water changes a week) as many as I could fit; I couldn't even afford to make caves out of rock at the pet shop so I hiked to a red slate bank and carried 50lbs back and picked the good pieces and I had been fishing a lot so I always found driftwood for free. They made up the caves and visual blockers. Then I found this cool guy about the same size as my jack. No1 knew what species it was at the time maybe because it's on that endangered species scale as least concern. They had no idea what I had now they're all over.

    I added a large convict but as they got bigger I needed to get something to keep them busy with besides lip locking over territory so I got a school of 7 or 8 large silver dollars but I had trouble getting big ones so a few 3'' ones got eaten by the pike cichlid his mouth was immense. When I was hand feeding my jack he'd even play games with me I taught him to work for his food if I had nightcrawlers I'd make him breach a bit out of the water to grab it and he'd have to pull it from me most people were afraid to put their hands in the water. We'd also feed them left over live minnows and crayfish which they loved I was young my friends enjoyed it and I figured it was healthy to vary the diet.

    When I had to give him away it broke my heart especially because at the time I had to find a quick home and only knew 3 options (my lfs woulda kept him in a 10g and sell him to ANYONE for the right price prob would of put $40+ on the tank ...or just keep him as a show fish in a 10g to show what their baby JDs turn into), a 55g with 2 smaller oscars good filtration but they wouldn't change the water only top it off and my friend I was going to give him my fish and the tank and the filters the homemade stand etc. but after I took it there he traded $200+ in equipment before I got the fish there for might ask why didn't I have the fish well it was in that 55g my other lazy pals had.

    I loved that fish so much I beat the hell out of my "friend" scumbag addicts anyway... when I brought it to the people with 2 oscars in a 55g yeah... he lived for only 1 more year.... in that 55g I would visit when I could but I had no car and did water changes as often as possible. I'll tell ya he was so use to rough tankmates he held half the tank against 2 oscars that outgrew him in sheer bulk but he was so damn mean but all their fish died at the same time the IDIOTS never did a water change unless I did it and they wouldn't listen. With 3 12'' cichlids and tons of random fish that didn't get killed or eaten. SO I guess RIP Jack 10 good years and 11 year of fighting like the boxer he's named after he went down swinging!!

    I was a teenager and my mom was a bad person to put it shortly well we moved so much iirc I had to move his tank at least 11 times probably more eventually. I had no choice but to get rid of my tanks and get away from that life so here I am with my 29g; JDs will live very long and if I end up with big tanks again the first I'm getting is a Jack. I also kept some rather large catfish in there had a huge raphael, I also had a rock bass I caught in there, various pumpkinseed and bluegills oh and a local 7'' black catfish which I cannot recall the name so feel free to ask me anything about mixing cichlids with them too. I also had access to a 100g for a time but that's another story.
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    Long time fish keeper most experience with CA/SA cichlids, natives like sunfish, and aggressive catfish.
    Currently have a 29g planted with 14 candy cane tetras, 6 sterbai corys, 6 melini corys, a rescued Siamese fighting fish and 1 mustache wearing albino longfin pleco.

  2. Default

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    To give it a positive note taking care of animals esp. fish and also reptiles changed my life gave me something good when the world was well bad as a kid.. Kept me off drugs tbh and taught me responsibility.

    Also I had access to a 100g and 29g among smaller tanks when I mixed local fish etc. with them sometimes it worked sometimes I had to take them out I never had all of them in there at once.
    Last edited by FishGuy67; 01-10-2014 at 08:55 PM.
    Long time fish keeper most experience with CA/SA cichlids, natives like sunfish, and aggressive catfish.
    Currently have a 29g planted with 14 candy cane tetras, 6 sterbai corys, 6 melini corys, a rescued Siamese fighting fish and 1 mustache wearing albino longfin pleco.

  3. Default

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    thanks for sharing your story. very heartfelt and special.
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    fishless cycling:
    fish in cycling:

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    It sounds like you really looked after your fish and you should take real pride in that. Unfortunately, animals that come into our lives when we are young are often "left behind" as we grow older. You did the best you could and that's all one can ever expect of anyone. Most importantly, you cared. As you say, perhaps that fish helped you in many ways. He sure won't be forgotten. Not many fish can boast such a special status!
    55g planted: 10x adult guppies, 9x kuhli loaches, 7x black neons, 2x neons, 6x Amano shrimp, assassin snails & cherry shrimp

    10g planted: Occasional platies & black devil trumpet snail

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