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  1. Default Can I add more fish to my tank without overstocking? (Opinions)

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    Tank has been running for about 3 months with fish in it. Just did a 3 day black out on it 4 days ago.
    I'm planning to start adding real plants in my tank next week.
    Tank Setup ~

    TopFin 50 gallon Tank
    Lee's 40/55 Premium Undergravel Filter, 12-Inch by 48-Inch
    2 MarineLand Powerheads
    Marineland Penguin Power Filter, 50 to 70-Gallon, 350 GPH
    All Fake plants.
    Wood on right side of tank is real driftwood

    Fish List ~

    African Dwarf Frog 4
    Black skirt tetra 6
    Balloon Molly 1
    Black Lyrail tail Molly 1
    Blue Gourami 1
    Marble Angelfish 1
    Oto(Dont know full name) 1
    Clown Pleco 1

    All of these fish are 20-40% their max size.
    I'm aware the angelfish may nip at frogs once older;if it does then I will move the frogs to a smaller tank.

    50 gallon...jpg50 gallon..jpg50 gallon.jpg

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    Was there a reason for a 3-day blackout?

    When it comes to plants, please make sure you include some floating. These will reduce the light from the substrate which does impact fish. Your fish I am certain will be more colourful.

    I would add the plants, then consider fish. What fish are you thinking of?


  3. Default

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    There was something producing the green water(Read on forums it was something living and to do a 72hr black out) IT WORKED!

    I Honestly don't know a thing about plants. I just started looking into the different types and care for them.(My lights are florescent )

    I would like to add a group of schooling fish and another female angelfish or Redtail shark.

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    If you are going to add anything, I would stick with more black skirts - they act much more natural in larger #'s
    I have a question about putting 2 female angels together as I"m not sure about the potential aggression (Unless I'm thinking about 2 males) - I've read that a mating pair is better.
    I believe a red tail shark would be too aggressive and get too big for that sized tank
    I wonder about how large your pleco will get - some of them grow up to a foot in length - did you research this 1st?
    I'm not an expert with compatibility but I do have these questions.
    What are your current water parameters if I might ask as well as your water change schedule - how much at a time and how often? What kind of filtration on the tank?
    46 gal fw tank with black skirt tetras, neon tetras, spotted corys, cherry barbs, otoclinus, snails & 4 amano shrimp - plastic & live plants
    5 gal QT
    Remember: Our job is to take care of the water our fish live in

  5. Default

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    I actually did not think of getting more black skirt tetras.
    I believe that 2 females get along . 2 males would fight. male and female,the male would abuse the female trying to mate. ( or so I have read)
    The pleco gets 4 inches.
    I try to do 1 30% water change a week(sometimes i might do a 2nd)
    I thought i posted the kind of filtration on my 1st post? do you mean Hang on back type?

  6. Default

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    Tetras are shoaling fish and do much better in large groups. It is platies, mollies and similar livebearers that have to be in a ratio of at least 2 females to each male to avoid any single fish being harassed to much.
    46 gallon bowfront: 1 angelfish, 1 GBR, 1 albino longfin BNP, 3 sunset mickey mouse platies, 3 blue mickey mouse platies, 9 cherry barbs, 9 harlequin rasboras

    29 gallon dwarf puffer tank

    Scheming show tank #3....

    10 gallon pond snail breeding tank

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    First, on the green water and blackout issue. Green water is due to high organics and light. The "green" is actually unicellular algae that proliferate, turning the water green and cloudy. A blackout will work to clear it up...but if you don't address the initial cause, it will likely come back.

    In tanks with no live plants, algae in various forms is perfectly natural and to be expected, since algae will appear to take up the nutrients that naturally occur. Green water however is a much more serious side of this, indicating excessive organics. So more water changes, at least half the tank once a week, with a good vacuum into the substrate, plus regular rinsing of the filter media to keep it clean will help. And be watchful of feeding, it is so easy to overfeed and this only increases the organics. Plus a balanced fish load, not overstocked. Your fish list is not "overstocked" but you do have a pleco, and they are a prime contributor to this, as it is what has been called a living waste factory. The increased water change/vacuum will deal with this, or should.

    Moving to your intended new fish. Never have angelfish in two or three (and even four is a risk), except for a bonded breeding pair. This is a shoaling fish that should be in a group of 5+, but a sole fish is fine. Whether male or female, they are territorial, and there is more chance one will get picked on with groups smaller than five. As you have one angel, leave it to itself; it and the rest of the tank will be happier.

    The Red Tail Shark is a real risk. This fish is a loner. Although it is now extinct in the wild, sadly, ichthyologists are fairly certain from the behaviours both in captivity and with related species in the wild that it lived alone, on its own, except when spawning. It certainly behaves alone in the aquarium. Individual fish can vary, but the norm is for this fish to be nasty and aggressive with other similar bottom fish, and sometimes they take a strong dislike to upper fish that are striped. So, thinking here of the angel and the black skirts--don't. A group of corys perhaps, or one of the small loach species would add some substrate interest and be much safer.

    I too would increase the skirts. And be vigilant, this species is known to fin nip sedate fish like angels; increasing the group size will alleviate this tendancy. But keep watch anyway, individual fish do not always behave according to the norm.

    Lastly, plants. With a good tube in your fixture, these are possible and will help with water quality very much. Some easy substrate plants are the swords. Perhaps one specimen plant of the common Amazon Sword, Echinodorus bleherae, and for low cover the pygmy chain sword, Helanthium tenellum. Floating plants are always advisable, and there are several. Water Sprite, Frogbit, Water Lettuce; Brazilian Pennywort (a stem plant) looks nice floating. If you tell me the details of your light fixture (length of tube, and is it T8 or T5) I can suggest some good tubes.

    Hope this all helps.

    Last edited by Byron; 09-09-2013 at 09:41 PM.

  8. Default

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    Well I never had water/algae problems before until I moved fish tank(2 weeks ago). Once it was hooked up again the green water started. I also was overfeeding them and have fixed that.

    My black molly is a male and the silver is a female.They stay together a lot.
    I was wondering about the redtail shark because i took a friends redtail for about 2 weeks while he dealt with an ick problem . The female redtale shark did not mess with any fish but it did "own" an orniment in the tank lol.
    The black skirt tetras don't mess with any other fish in my tank

    I was looking at the amazon swords because they look amazing underwater and seem to be easy to take care of.

    I don't exactly know where to look/how to find the details of the light other then it says .. 24'' inch light fixture~120 volt ~ 19 watt~60 hz .

  9. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiskers19 View Post
    My black molly is a male and the silver is a female.They stay together a lot.
    I'd get one more female molly if I were you, otherwise your current female will be harassed a ton by the male. Mollies, like platies, are livebearers and breed prolifically. You want to keep at least 2 females for every male to prevent excessive harassment of a single fish.
    46 gallon bowfront: 1 angelfish, 1 GBR, 1 albino longfin BNP, 3 sunset mickey mouse platies, 3 blue mickey mouse platies, 9 cherry barbs, 9 harlequin rasboras

    29 gallon dwarf puffer tank

    Scheming show tank #3....

    10 gallon pond snail breeding tank

  10. Default

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    I was planning on getting another one but I did not know it had to be female. Good thing I know now. Can the molly be a dalmatian,or does it have to be a silver like the other female?

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